Famous Brandz Pedro Water Pipe

Famous Brandz

Famous Brandz Pedro Water Pipe Bong For Sale
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- Two Tone Color

- Borosilicate Glass

- Showerhead Percolator

- Straight Neck Mouthpiece

- Male Bowl

The Pedro is an incredible water pipe from Famous Brandz, the Cheech and Chong endorsed manufacturer of high-end water pipes. This device is designed only for dry herb enthusiasts who are looking to get the best money can buy. Famous Brandz Pedro Water Pipe offers refreshing and cooled hits from herbal blends using a full glass build. It uses a very effective moisturizing system with a showerhead percolator that soothes and filters the smoke. 

The Pedro can be used on the go due to its small size and strong build. It is made of borosilicate glass, finished in a two-tone color that makes the device very appealing to the eye. Famous Brandz Pedro Water Pipe features a 14 mm male style bowl and straight neck that extends the pathway enabling more smoke to cool thus creating smooth hits. If you are looking to have an amazing dry herb experience, then this is the device to go for. 

Technical Specifications

- Type: Bongs and Waterpipes

- Category: Bong