Famous Brandz Clyde Double Bubbler

Famous Brandz

Famous Brandz Clyde Double Bubbler For Sale
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- Extended Air Path

- Double Chamber 

- Borosilicate Glass

- Water Filtration 

- Bend Neck Mouthpiece

- Height: 6 inches

The Clyde Double Bubbler from the Famous Brandz Cheech and Chong is a mini double chambered water bubbler which facilitates rich and flavorful hits from dry herbs. This product is crafted from a high-quality borosilicate glass making it a very durable device. It delivers moisture-conditioned hits from a very compact unit that is simple to handle compared to larger water pipes. 

Famous Brandz Clyde Double Bubbler lengthens the air path so that it can give the smoke an ample time and room to cool off before it can reach to your mouth and lungs. This functionality enables the user to enjoy both the moisture and water filtration of the average dry herb water pipe found on the market today. This water pipe is a perfect choice for anyone who is serious about unleashing the full potential of their dry herb. 

Technical Specifications

- Type: Bongs and Waterpipes

- Category: Bubbler

- Dimension: 6 x 4.5 x 1.75

- Color: Clear and Black

- Brand: Famous Brand