Eyce Rig II


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-          Virtually Indestructible Design

-          Platinum-Cured Silicone Body and Stem Cap

-          Stand with Built-in Finger Grip

-          Lightweight and Portable

-          Pendant Necklace Loop

The Eyce Rig II offers the same durability as its predecessor, but with advanced upgrades which deliver only the smoothest and coolest rips. The new titanium nail ensures dense and flavorful hits while the 10mm glass collar acts as a heat-resistant barrier. Featuring five-tool slots which includes a new slot for holding the upgraded 10mm carb cap, this upgrade allows users to effortlessly carry everything in one place.

Body Design

With a platinum-cured silicone body, the Eyce Rig II is virtually indestructible. It is one of the only rigs that will not break if the unit falls or is accidentally dropped. Additionally, the Eyce Rig II features a compressed air path which serves up super powerful rips. The design is truly remarkable; the unit's removable parts ensure easy cleaning and maintenance while the slots in the silicone body hold all the required tools for convenient access.

Buying the Eyce Rig II

The Eyce Rig II is the last dab rig that you will ever need. It has been significantly updated from its predecessor, as it includes a glass collar and the reinforcement of the stem cap and chamber for greater stability. Constructed with a platinum-cured silicone body, the Rig II delivers an unmatched level of durability. Tool slots and a hidden stash container serve to keep everything at hand, while a titanium nail offers huge botanical and flavorful clouds that you will savor. The Rig II is the best dab rig for adventurous souls and users on the move.


-          1 x Eyce Rig II

-          1 x Platinum-Cured Silicone Body and Stem Cap

-          1 x Wand

-          1 x 10mm Reversible Grade 2 Titanium Nail

-          1 x 10mm Borosilicate Collar

Technical Specifications

-          Warranty info: Lifetime

-          Compatibility: Concentrates

-          Dimensions: 4 x 2.5 x 5.75 in.

-          Weight: 0.19 lbs.