Eyce Hammer Bubbler


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-          Integrated Steel Poker

-          Hammerhead Design

-          Snap-in Borosilicate Glass Bowl

-          Platinum-Cured Silicone

-          Advanced Water Filtration

The Eyce Hammer Bubbler combines platinum-cured silicone with a snap-in borosilicate glass bowl for an unmatched and virtually, unparalleled smoking experience. It is a highly portable device that brings flavor and durability, as well as functionality and aesthetic to a whole new level. Also, it features a hidden stash jar for herb material, which makes the Hammer perfect for enjoying cool hits on-the-go.

Build Quality

The Hammer is made of 90% platinum-cured silicone which means that it cannot crack or break apart. It is well-designed for travelling and it's perfectly sized for stashing in a pocket or purse, especially due to its high caliber craftsmanship. The unit's removable components enable easy cleaning, and a snap-in borosilicate glass bowl delivers similar hits that one would expect from a full glass pipe.

Built-In Tools

The Eyce Hammer comes with a steel poker tool that slips right into a hidden port in the Hammer’s body. The device also contains an integrated silicone stash container which helps to keep any dry herb fresh.

Smoke Quality

The Hammer can deliver large clouds and the most potent of rips. Luckily, it is also perfectly designed to offer smaller, lighter hits and snaps for those who prefer to keep their composure during a session.

Buying the Eyce Hammer Bubbler

If a user enjoys smoking but wishes to achieve smoother hits, the Eyce Hammer Bubbler is a perfect match. It has a travel-friendly design and touts highly portable features that one will not often find in bubblers. Its durable platinum-cured silicone makes sure that herb enthusiasts can keep on smoking even if the pipe drops.


-           1 x Eyce Hammer Bubbler

-           1 x Steel Poker Tool

-           1 x Glass Bowl

Technical Specifications

-           Weight: 0.22lbs.

-           Dimensions: 4 x 7.5 x 2 in.

-             Vaporizer Compatibility: Dry Herbs