Eyce Beaker


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-          Made from food grade silicone

-          Flexible Design

-          Magnetic lighter holder around downstream joint

-          Beaker Body Style Water Chamber

-          Break Resistant and Easy to Clean

-          14 mm Clear Glass Flower Bowl

-          High Heat Resistant

-          Stainless Steel Poker Tool

-          Ergonomic Grip

Made from platinum-cured silicone, the Eyce Beaker offers futuristic functionality, smooth production, and zero risk of breakage if dropped. The device features a sleek revolutionary build that comes in a number of captivating camo color combination. Due to the combination of its colors, this incredible device looks and feel like a functional revolution. The Eyce Beaker offers immense flavor and effects from materials while cooling goes up to an amazing negative three degree Celsius. This is because it comes with some of the features such as a borosilicate downstream diffuser, glass bowl as well as an ice catcher.

The Eyce Beaker has a hidden air-tight container located at the base of the device, which helps in keeping your material fresh, concealed and accessible. Mighty, durable and ergonomic, the Eyce Beaker offers a more functional alternative compared to traditional water pipes.

Build Quality

The Eyce Beaker is made out of molded silicone. This means that you will not have to fear about breakage any more, it will give you a long-lasting performance through the years. This feature makes the Eyce Beaker a good device for travelling and well-suited for hiking, camping, and festivals. The device is lightweight but impact-resistant and sturdy. The threading on the hidden rolling tray is solid and does not stick as one would expect.

The silicone is platinum cured for chemical inertness and high-temperature resistance. This helps it to stay cool and preserve the aroma and flavor of your dry herb without any added odors and tastes.

Advanced Water Filtration

Created for vaping aficionadas, the Eyce Beaker features a water filtration system. This system purifies, amplifies and cools draws for smoother hits. Each hit travels down from the glass bowl down through a borosilicate diffused downstream that maximizes the contact between water and the smoke, thus delivering dense and comfortable inhales. The device also has a sealed airpath which helps in maximizing the airflow. This ensures rips with low draw resistance. Also, the Eyce Beaker features an ice catcher ice cubes can be loaded for cooling down the hits further.

Hidden Accessories

The Eyce Beaker offers an utmost vaping experience with some of its essential accessories built into its body. It includes an air tight seal that helps in preserving the dry herb. Additionally, it has a hidden rolling tray made of premium silicone meant for preparing your vaping material. The Eyce Beaker helps you to enjoy an easy access of everything you require while still maintaining the level of stealth rarely found in water other water pipes.

Ease of Maintenance

This device is very easy to maintain. However, since you cannot see the inside part of it, sometimes this may make it quite difficult to know exactly when it is time to clean. This is, however, a minor issue and can be resolved by keeping a regular cleaning schedule. The unit does not come with a keck clip which may make it quite challenging to clean. However, you can clean it just as you would do to any other similar glass beaker.

Buying the Eyce Beaker

If you are looking for an all in one vaping device and you lead a very physical lifestyle that constantly keeps your device in danger of breaking, then you can go ahead and purchase this device. The fact that it is made out moulded silicone, the unit has no chance of breaking. So, you don’t have to worry about being extra careful. Also, the unit feel sturdy on hand and is aesthetically appealing.

The device comes with a lifetime warranty. This shows that the manufacturer is confident about the functionality and durability of this unit. So, your investment will be secured just in case your device fails to deliver due to various defects.


-          1 x Eyce Beaker

-          1 x 14mm Glass Bowl

-          1 x Hidden Container

-          1 x Borosilicate Downstem Diffuser

-          1 x Steel Tool

Technical Specifications

-          Warranty Information:           Lifetime

-          Weight:                                     1.55 lbs.

-          Dimensions:                              13.25 x 5 x 5 in.

-          Vaporizer Compatibility:         Herbs