Evri Vaporizer

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-          Adjustable Temperature Control

-          Nectar Collector

-          Auto Shutoff Safety Feature

-          Made for Cartridges

-          Compatible with 510 threaded cartridges and e-juice

-          Three heat Settings

-          Auto Shutoff Safety Feature

-          Portable Vaporizer

Evri vaporizer from Dipper is one of the most incredible portable vaporizer produced by the company. The device comes in three different pieces, which include the nectar collector part, the battery, and the cartridge portion. Using the device is very simple, all that you need to do is attach the three portions by way of magnets, and you are good to go. It is always incredible when a company applies magnetic technology to its vaporizers. The device comes with three heat settings 4V, 6V, and 8V. It features only one button to operate, making it very user-friendly.

Build Quality

The Dip is well known for producing products of high quality. Just like their other products, Evri vaporizer has a pretty comfortable build quality. This means that once you make your investment, you can rest easy knowing that the device will give you a long time of service without the need for replacement.

Ease of use

Evri vaporizer is one of the easiest products to use on the market. It only features a single button where you carry out all your commands. This makes it very easy for people who are starting the vaping journey.


Evri vaporizer comes with a comfortable battery that can enable you a reasonable amount of time before you can recharge. It comes with a USB micro cable used for charging. The LED will show a red light when charging and a green one when fully charged.

Buying Evri Vaporizer

This product is small in size, making it very portable and easy to use on the go. It produces potent vapor quality that will make you enjoy your sessions. The device is straight forward, has good functionality, and it’s affordable.

With Evri vaporizer, vaporizing concentrates has never become so practical. Anytime you feel like vaping, grab your device and dip it into your preferred concentrates for a complete and potent feeling. You do not have to go through the hustle of filling the rig with water or grabbing a torch, just dip it and enjoy your session. Therefore, buy your unit today for an ultimate vaping experience.


-          1 x Evri Vaporizer

-          1 x Micro-USB Cable

-          1 x Loading Tool

-          1 x User Manual

Technical Specifications

-          Compatibility: Concentrates, Essential Oils and E-liquid