Elevate Mighty Hitter Pipe

Elevate Accessories




  • Uses extra thick glass tubing material
  • Manufactured by Los Angeles, CA + Denver, CO

The Elevate Mighty Hitter is one of the latest incredible glass pipes in the market. It is an improvements from the small and sleek Mini Hitter to something Mighty. The device was made in a way that it can suit users looking for a small pipe that they can still pass it around to their friends. The company has made this device in a way that is big enough to be shared among friends during a smoking session and still small enough to be easily portable. This device can easily fit in the pocket making it one of the perfects options for people looking to smoke on the go.


The design assumed by this unit is extremely thoughtful as well as elegant. The exterior part has been beautiful built showing off some amazing craftsmanship. Also, the extra thick glass tube used to make the device feels sturdy at hand.


The Elevate Mighty Hitter comes with some amazing accessories. One of the accessories is a large, water proof plastic case. The package will help you carry your device around with a lot of ease. Additionally, it comes with a small pop top case where you can put your herbs while on the go. The case can hold enough material whenever you are going out for short periods such as an overnight trip or afternoon fishing excursion.

Buying the Elevate Mighty Hitter

The Elevate Mighty Hitter comes as an improvement from the Mini Hitter. This means it has solved a lot of previous problems users used to experience with its predecessor. Purchase your unit today for that superb experience.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 0.75” Diameter x 4” Long
  • Glass Color: Black, White, Clear
  • Wood Color: Maple, Walnut