Elevate Colfax Dugout Kit

Elevate Accessories




  • Sleek Design
  • Magnetic Top Closure
  • Engraved Elevate Decal
  • Made from High
  • Quality Wood and Aluminum
  • Elevate Glass Joint Included
  • Made in the USA

Colfax is the classiest, most elegant,and most durable dugout that you are likely to come across. Made by Elevate Accessories, the Colfax dugout features either hard maple or black walnut finishes with anodized aluminum closures and pairs with a glass bat of your choice or a mini hitter pipe.From top to bottom, the Colfax Dugout has been perfectly designed, vamped,and re-vamped for on-the-go use.

Magnetic Top Closure

The magnetic closure makes the top feel secure, but it is easy to remove. The magnetic connectors are sturdy and strong;therefore, you will not need to worry about your herbs falling out. It is also sizable, so it will fit perfectly into your pocket without feeling uncomfortably big.

Body Design

The Colfax is beautiful,and whether you choose the hard maple or black walnut, you are in for a treat. The mini hitter or glass bat fits effortlessly next to a small cache for your herbs. It is also added a bronze emblem to finish off the look.

Buying the Elevate Colfax Dugout Kit

The Colfax Dugout is a classic device that will surely make your friends envious and wonder where you got it from. It is compact, quite affordable,and travel-friendly for any discerning consumer, so you can finally be proud to own a dugout kit.


  • 1 x Elevate Colfax Dugout
  • 1 x Mini Hitter Pipe

Technical Descriptions

  • Size: 3.5 Inches x 2 Inches x 1 Inch