Easy Vape V5 Digital Vaporizer

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Easy Vape V5 Digital Vaporizer
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Enjoy the easy to use, hands-free whip included with the Easy Vape V5 Digital Vaporizer. This tabletop vaping unit is light weight and compact in size. It features a powerful fan with three speeds that can be utilized with the use of the remote control. This vaporizer is ideal for use with your choice of herbal products. Balloon bags can be filled quickly when fan speed is set at high. Vaping unit features a top quality ceramic heating element for rapidly producing vapor in less than two minutes. This small, compact unit can be tucked in your purse, backpack, or suitcase when traveling for a bit of discreet vaping away from home.


  • LCD screen displays temperature with accuracy
  • Whip attachment allows for hands-free use of vaporizer
  • Option of using Balloon Bags with vaping unit
  • Powerful three speed fan to be set on high speed in order to fill balloon bags
  • Move about your home or office while operating vaporizer with remote control
  • Features top quality ceramic heating element reaching optimal vaporization temperature in less than two minutes
  • Electrical components and heating element carry a five year warranty provided by manufacturer
  • Warranty does not include any glass components