Vaporite Solo / Mini Air Digital Vaporizer


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  • 60 Second Heat Up Time
  • Ceramic Heating Elementemperature Control
  • Hands Free Operation
  • LCD Display

The Vaporite line of desktop vaporizers offers a simple introduction for those just getting into vaping without the cost of more expensive models. There are three different versions in total, the Solo, the Solo Digital, and the Mini-Air.  The only two we currently have available are the Solo and Mini Air. While most of this description focuses on the Solo Digital version, all 3 units function in a very similar fashion. 

Good Introduction To Vaping

Vaporite really lives up to its name: it gives a no-frills, straightforward, but quality, vaping experience with a minimum amount of hassle. All you have to do is pack your dry herb, adjust the temperature and enjoy huge hits all with hands-free operation. Although it can be slightly bitter at times, vapor quality on this unit is satisfying. It produces large thick clouds and will get you ripped in no time. This makes it ideal for those used to hitting on traditional combustion devices that are capable of massive cloud production but with the smoother vapor that convection heating allows. The exterior of the Vaporite Solo desktop vape is made of durable plastic that’s both heat and impact resistant. So, even if it’s dropped it should still survive a fall. There’s also choice of colors from: red, blue, black, silver, and white. Visually the standard Digital version probably isn’t going to impress you. Yet, at this price you can’t complain too much. The front of the device displays both the thermometer readout and temperature dial in plain view. The dial allows you to adjust the temperature down to 2 degree Celsius increments from between 130C and 190C. Despite giving you so much direct control over the temperature you might find it necessary to experiment with what setting works best for your herb. Cheaper vaporizers such as this one don’t always come with the most accurate readouts due to cost cutting measures. That being said, once you find a range that works for you just set it up the same each session and it should give predictable results.

Operating The Vaporite Digital Vaporizer

To get started with vaping, plug the Vaporite Digit Solo into a wall outlet (three red lines will appear on the display) and gently press the knob inward to turn it on. Set your temperature with the knob and allow a few minutes for it to warm up. In some cases it can be ready within as little as 60 seconds. Lightly pack your finely ground herb all the way to the screen (this will help air flow into chamber), then attach the whip. Using vapor color as a guide you can fine tune the temperature until it’s ideal. No vapor means you should increase it slightly, if it’s burning then turn it down. One caveat of the design is that you might need to tilt the unit slightly to get better airflow and when removing the whip to stop herb from falling out. As with the temperature settings, this will take a week or so to get used to but eventually it allows for genuinely simple operation.

Buying The Vaporite Digital Vaporizer

The Vaporite Solo comes at a very affordable online price these days and makes the perfect segway from traditional smoking to the healthier vape option that many ex-smokers are switching over to. Even if you decide to upgrade down the line, the Vaporite will give you plenty of vaping for your dollars in the meantime. 


  • Glass Wand
  • Power Cord
  • Vaporizer Tubing

Technical Specifications

  • 130C to 190C
  • 5” x 6” x 4”