DynaVap Omnivap: Titanium





  • Manufactured using titanium
  • No batteries or charging needed
  • Easy to heat using any heating source such as candles, butane torch, or even campfire
  • Easy to use
  • Durable since there are no consumable parts
  • Automatic click when the maximum temperature is reached
  • Automatic click when vaporizer has cooled down
  • Usable with a water piece


Dynavap vaporizer series introduces yet another gem in the world of vaporizers, the Omnivap. The Omnivap vaporizer features a sleek titanium body for maximum durability. It has a mechanical operating system that requires no batteries or charging. This, along with its titanium material, will ensure that the Omnivap vaporizer lasts a lifetime. With an on-demand convection/conduction heating element, the Omnivap vaporizer can be heated with any source of heat such as a candle, a butane torch, lighter, or even a stove burner. Additionally, it features a long length, which increases the distance between your mouth and the heating element and ensures that your vape is cooler when it reaches your mouth. Despite being very small in size, with the instant on-demand vaping feature, the Omnivap vaporizer guarantees a satisfying vaping experience with beautiful and thick clouds.

Ease of use

Unlike other vaporizers that require mastery of the device before using it comfortably, the Omnivap is quite easy to use, and anyone can master it in a matter of a single-use. To change the temperature, you can employ the flame technique.  The device has an automatic click once the maximum/desired temperature has been reached and once the vaporizer has cooled down. This vaporizer can also be used with a water piece.

In the package

  • 1 Titanium Omnivap vaporizer
  • Stainless steel cap
  • Airtight storage tube