Dr. Dabber Switch

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-          5- second heat-up time

-          Quick charging time

-          Battery stays charged for days

-          Simple and fast to switch between concentrates and dry herb heating mode

-          Comprehensive instruction manual

-          Wide temperature range: 300˚ F- 800˚ F

-          25 temperature options

The switch is the latest desktop vaporizer from Dr. Dabber to hit the market. It is the first desktop vaporizer from Dr. Dabber to use induction heating style. The induction heating system means that the vaporizer heats up incredibly fast. This unit can handle both your dry herb and concentrates thus making it not only nice to look at but versatile as well. Dr. Dabber Switch comes with lots of incredible features including a stylish and effective glass percolator. The glass percolator helps to cool and smooth your vapor. Here are some of its additional features.

Build Quality

When it comes to build quality, the Switch is one of the best vaporizers. It is relatively large and heavy, but very stable. The 50 mil mouthpiece is made out of glass and located right on top of the unit. The mouthpiece might be quite huge, but it feels very stable sitting on top of the base. The vaporizer heats up using two induction cups made of titanium. The cups are covered with a heavy duty ceramic. One is white, and it’s meant to be used on concentrates, and the other one is black for dry herb.

Induction Heating

Induction heating is the best heating method compared to conduction and convection. This is because it uses an electromagnetic coil to heat up the dry herb and concentrates. Induction heating heats up the coil from inside out instead of outside in. One of the main advantages of induction heating method is that it is faster compared to other heating methods, while still reaching the perfect, wax-friendly high temperatures.

Vapor Quality

With concentrates, the Switch is definitely at the top of the line. The incredibly fast heat up time, dense flavor and large hits will leave any user impressed. The vaporizer does an awesome job of filtering and cooling the hit before it gets into your lungs. The unit is also equally good with the dry herb though it requires some fine tuning. This is because the current power settings are either too high or too low which may result in a chattered or mild taste.

Battery Life

Dr. Dabber Switch has incredible battery life. The vaporizer is capable of going up to 150 uses with just a single charge. The benefit of using an induction heating method is that it makes it very efficient on battery. Moreover, pass through charging is possible with this unit. So you don’t have to stop vaping for you to charge the vaporizer.

Buying Dr. Dabber Switch

Comparing this vaporizer with others of its category, Dr. Dabber Switch certainly does a stellar job at what it was made for! It is a consistent and one of the most powerful desktop vaporizer. From the heating levels to battery power, to high vapor quality, this vaporizer gives you exactly what you want from it. Taking into considerations all the incredible features it has to offer, Dr. Dabber Switch is definitely worth purchasing.


-          1 x Dr. Dabber Switch unit

-          1 x black ceramic nail

-          1 x white ceramic nail

-          1 x tweezers and ceramic flower filter

-          1 x silicone wax container

-          1 x Dab tool

Technical Specifications

-          Compatible with both dry herb and concentrates

-          Uses Induction Heating Methods

-          9.5” tall without a bubbler

-          13” with a bubbler