Dr. Dabber Black Boost E-rig

Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber Black Boost E-rig
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The newest and first portable e-nail launching the market to end off the 2015 year. the Dr. Dabber Boost is a portable vaporizer using a dome less nail exactly similar to the modern E-nail glass setup. With a new portable e-nail invented, getting everything with the Boost is important. Dr. Dabber made sure you get everything you're used to using with an E-nail, all in a portable vaporizer but with unique features such a complete water filtration system set up like a stationary vaporizer would use and relevant with a peculator system other vape pens or portable vaporizers feature. You will enjoy the hardest rips and pulls since this system can reach over 700°F in 30 Seconds without using any type of flame. This is a self-working E-nail set up portable vaporizer allowing you to enjoy your substances without the nasty charcoal-like taste every flame-torch e-nail setup carries when using a combustion method.


Dr Dabber Boost Battery

The Boost holds unpresented power reaching Fahrenheit Levels of over 700°F in under 30 seconds making this vaporizer self-sufficient as it does not need any type of flame to create vapor. The Boost Battery has vaping power to allow the user to get over 60 rips with 1 single charge as the light will turn blue indicating the Boost is ready to rumble and will turn red when the battery needs to be charged. All you need is your finger to make a few simple clicks on the button where the battery is located and your Boost vaporizer will activate and begin to heat for use.


Design Of The Dr. Dabber Boost

There is much glass in the design of the innovative Dr. Dabber Boost as it features a very high quality vaping style of an E-rig utilizing a glass water filtration system, it will enhance your vaping experience similar to that of a water peculator. The Boost Glass is made out of ultra-thick Pyrex glass, it won't tip over from the sheer weight when the boost is standing up and can survive accidental tip overs without breaking. For such a piece of portable equipment, the dimensions are rather small 3x5x7 Inches making this a smaller than normal portable vaporizer for such an advanced design and system. The Dr. Dabber Boost comes with 2 titanium dome-less nails designed specifically for very easy loading. A magnetic carb cap lets you seal off the water from spilling out when not in use. The Dr. Dabber Boost is designed for an enhanced vaping experience, with a unique small shape, the vaporizer is simple to load and produces massive rips with extreme temperature efficiency. You enjoy long use with over 60 rips and the quality with flavor is all there as you will inhale pure botanical purity. This design is more authentic to a dabbing experience and a perfect setup for all dabbing enthusiasts. There's no cords, no electricity used which makes the performance skeptical by many but when used, the performance makes up for itself with amazing quality and results.


Dr. Dabber Boost Glass Bubbler

With the design of the water filtration system, the Dr. Dabber has a glass bubbler system to make loading any type of liquid at your discretion as you can experience an unique taste and a cool vapor output with clean filtration knowing you aren't inhaling nasty carcinogens, getting a ultra-rich and massive dab every time, the Glass bubbler only enhances the experience making this a larger-than-life experience and definitely blows out in performance, any type of typical torch/flame powered E-nail out there. The Glass bubbler is included with the purchase of the Dr. Dabber Boost Portable vaporizer.


Dr. Dabber Boost Experience

Many pen vaporizers designed are here to replicate an experience like a dabbing consumer could get but it hasn't even come close with the exact replication and method of original dabbing until the Dr. Dabber Boost portable vaporizer was invented. The Dr. Dabber team invented a system that completely eliminates the traditional torch needed, by using a powerful lithium Ion battery, the Dr. Dabber Boost will reach temperatures of over 700°F which easily will replace a torch style with the fact the titanium grade dome less nail makes it that much easier to load your concentrates and get an ultimate dabbing experience knowing you aren't ever combusting your concentrates into smoke, you're getting ultra-rich, flavorful and highly potent vapor and the value of the Dr. Dabber E-Rig boost is extremely comparable to the pricing of a sophisticated e-rig dabbing device. It is here to stay and the invention of a small, portable vaporizer an amazing achievement for the Dr. Dabber team to accomplish such a high performing device that will ultimately enhance the dabbing experience getting 85% more potency out of dabbing and toxic free results.