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Dr. Dabber Aura Vaporizer Kit


Dr. Dabber unleashed the wax dabbers of all wax pen vape, it is called the Dr. Dabber Aurora and was just released in January 2016 and has become to be one of the most popular and best performing wax pen vaporizers in the world easily surpassing the performance of its predecessor, the Dr. Dabber Ghost. The Dr. Dabber Aurora is a pen vaporizer that can easily vape waxes & concentrates at a high quality level while outputting rich-flavorful vapor that can be set to be able to release very thick vapor clouds as the Aurora has 3 different temperature levels you can set the vaporizer to in order to control better the amount of vapor produced and the viscosity of the amount of substance added in being able to give out very thick vapor clouds. The Dr. Dabber Aurora is the first pen vaporizer of its class to feature thread less and easy to connect with its patented SnapTech Magnetic Technology to employ an easy to connect and very easy-to-use feature. Dr. Dabber has hit another home run for their wax dabbing vape pens and have released a beast to start off the 2016 year where new vaping technology is high up on the list for the new manufacturer to develop and release newer technology that will help improve vaporization with unseen features like the Dr. Dabber Aurora now employs. Taking a deeper look on how the Dr. Dabber Aurora holds can be found on this page to understand all the advancements in new vaping technology holds. This All-star vaporizer can improve your vaping and we give you exclusive access to everything the company won't tell you all their secrets.

Unique & New SnapTech Magnetic Technology For The Dr. Dabber Aurora 
Threading in a vaporizer is old news when you're used to screwing on the atomizer to the battery to connect it for use and then loading your concentrates, pressing the power button, it begins to heat meanwhile it took you over 3 minutes to correctly screw the threaded connections for your vaporizer. With the Dr. Dabber Aurora SnapTech Magnetic technology, you're without threading, the powerful magnetic force securely connects your atomizer, mouthpiece and battery together without worrying about it becoming undone. You no longer have to question yourself if you mistakenly screwed the threading on wrong and risked stripping the threading since the Aurora has no threads, you just put the two pieces together and the magnetic force will snap it securely in place. With this new technology, the Dr. Dabber team has made this type of technology a new goal for many manufacturers to feature and match the quality the SnapTech Technology has set to high levels. It normally takes you 2 - 4 minutes to screw on the threaded atomizers and batteries and since everything is magnetic and instant, you now save yourself over an hour and a half if you vape 4 times a day, 7 days a week. Time is valuable and priceless and when you have technology that increases the productivity and buys you time, you have yourself a winner!

Dr. Dabber's 3 Advanced Atomizer Unique Features
As new inventions are created we tend to see better developments in atomizers however, for the Dr. Dabber Aurora, we know the new technology is incorporated with the Aurora. With the sheer goal to vaporize your concentrates, waxes, waxy-oils, thick-oils and thin oils, these atomizers area developed to handle any type of substance as most manufacturers create 1 atomizer to think it will vaporize all types of substances but the truth is, assuming this is a big mistake and the team over at Dr. Dabber has went all out by building and developing the Aurora as it features 3 unique atomizers accustomed for different types of concentrates that go with the 3 heating levels.

Atomizer #1 - Dual Quartz With Quartz Dish Aurora Atomizer
Type Of Concentrates: Thin-Liquid Oils / Concentrates
The Dual Quartz With Quartz Dish atomizer is a specific designed atomizer made for low viscosity oils made for lower heating settings for the Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer. You will notice amazing flavor and taste when using thin oils, the various types of concentrates makes this type of atomizer very appealing to someone using thin oils which will build-up tremendous flavor & potency giving pure vaporization using low-heating temperatures to draw out great vapor density. This type of atomizer replaces standard ceramic rods, not many vaporizers can vape up specific concentrates without having a low-quality taste, bad flavor, char tasting hits and low vapor density. Lowering the amount of residual taste is the entire goal so you will taste every type of new and pure flavor when using this specific atomizer.

Atomizer #2 - Dual Ceramic Rod With Quartz Dish
Type Of Concentrates: Thick Oils
Vaping thicker oils has never been easier when using the Dual Ceramic Rod with Quartz Dish as this is the exact type of atomizer needed to vaporize higher viscosity oils allowing you to make it very easy to use thicker oils while not over-vaping your substance and it allows you to taste the flavor making this a purer way to focus on thicker concentrates. Having an atomizer to choose for your thicker oils makes it easy to intend on vaping your thick oils very tasteful and potent.

Atomizer #3 - Ceramic Halo Heater
Type Of Concentrates: Hard Waxes, Very Thick Concentrates
Dabbing wax  is one of the most popular tasks vapor enthusiasts enjoy doing. Rather than using a torch lighter and a e-nail, you can use the Ceramic Halo Heater and enjoy the safety of filtering out all the carcinogens while getting 85% more potent hits than you would torching your waxes while not burning, tasting a char taste and inhaling deadly toxins. This is the perfect atomizer for your needs, if you want complete and pure vaping your waxes, this is the atomizer to use and the Dr. Dabber Aurora is the perfect dabbing pen to own to reach your vaping goal. The Dr. Dabber Aurora is going to replace any type of old combustion method you used, it is guaranteed that you fall in love with the Aurora and the Ceramic Halo Heater atomizer is going to be the most used atomizer if you're into waxes like the majority of people are. This is a atomizer used for level 3 heating your waxes and will be able to handle all your waxes.

Using The Dr. Dabber Aurora's Variable Voltage Battery
When you want a wax vaporizer to have a custom vaping experience, it is the Dr. Dabber Aurora that can do this. With the unique variable voltage battery with 3 different levels of heating and 3 unique atomizers specific and each unique for each level makes the vaping experience possible using just 3 heating settings with 3 atomizers without experience altering tastes and combustion. With the power controls you can control the amount of vapor produced and the density of your vapor. The Aurora is a specific designed vaporizer for low heating setting meaning you won't ever over-vape and taste the nasty char taste other vaporizers leave behind. The High-Grade lithium ion battery can be switched with the dial at the bottom to adjust your heating level. Taking long draws is now possible, enjoy a hard hit of over 8 seconds, medium heating level or level 2 is accustom to supporting the Dual Quartz Ceramic Rod Atomizer for your thicker concentrates, you will know it is level 2 heating because of the blue light. If you listen closely, you can hear the air rushing through the vaporizer as the improved air-flow for the Aurora is very well put in place and vaping smooth and strong hits is what the consumer will experience. Level 1 heating is the red LED light and level 3 heating is the green light.

Purchasing The Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer
If you think a vaporizer with 3 custom atomizers specifically designed for 3 heating levels and 3 different types of substance based on the viscosity of the concentrate with easy SnapTech Magnetic technology is a perfect fit for you, then you can purchase the Dr. Dabber Aurora at a good price as this vaporizer is in limited quantity since it just came out and is easily considered one of the best dabbing vape pens in the world. The Dr. Dabber Aurora is the perfect fit for you, enjoying each type of substance you have to throw in the Aurora, you will taste very potent and flavorful vaping with the Aurora filtering out all the carcinogens and increasing your vaping potency of over 85% compared to the conventional dabbing methods with a torch. It is very safe to say with the Aurora, you will easily fall in love with this wax vaporizer.

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