Dip Devices Lunar Vaporizer

Dip Devices

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  • Quick Heat Coil

  • Micro USB rechargeable and powerful 600 mAh Battery

  • Compact Design with an Ergonomic Form Factor

  • Patented Airflow Technology

  • Three Power Settings for more Precise Consumption

Dip Devices, the inventor of direct to dab technology, has designed some of the most versatile devices for consuming concentrates. The most recent addition to their dab pen lineup is the award-winning Lunar. The lunar vaporizer features Dip Devices’ signature direct draw vapor tip, which allows the user to enjoy their concentrates straight from the chamber. This amazing device packs quite a substantial amount and is even more suitable and compact for discreet sessions on the go. It also features a Mirco-USB rechargeable and powerful 600 mAh battery that has three heat settings for precise vaping and dabbing. To enjoy the full taste and terpene flavors, ensure to set low temperature and turn it up for big draws and clouds.

Buying the Dip Devices Lunar Vaporizer

The Lunar is a 2-in-1 dab pen that is built for reliability and extreme durability. The tips are replaceable. Therefore you should not have to worry about a messy device. It also features three high-powered heat settings that allow you to enjoy your sessions without a torch.


  • 1 x Lunar Vaporizer

Technical Specifications

  • Colors: Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Black

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Compatibility: Concentrates