Davinci IQ 2 Vaporizer


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-          Unique Adjustable Air Flow Dial

-          Smart Path or Precision Mode

-          On Device and In-app Dosage Calculation

-          Removable 18650 mAh Battery

-          Temperature Control Settings

-          Built for Purity with Medical Grade Parts

-          Heating time- Less than a minute

-          10 Year Warranty

Since they first produced their first vaporizer back in 2011, Davinci Vaporizers has continued to produce more innovative products in the market. Their devices have featured stylish designs, elite vapor production, and functional devices. The constant innovation has made them be one of the most popular vaporizer brands in the market.

The latest creation from the company is the Davinci IQ2, which is a more advanced version of the previously produced Davinci IQ. The Davinci IQ 2 vaporizer is a high-end device that produces tasty vapor from a portable and convenient package. The unit uses a zirconium element that helps in cooling the vapor and preventing the device itself from becoming hot. Also, it comes with several accessories that allow you to choose exactly how you would like to vape. Here are some of the features that come with this amazing unit.


The original Davinci IQ was made from sandblasted Aluminum. The company has changed this to brushed aluminum. The material makes the device a little bit smoother compared to its predecessor. It feels well made, sturdy and has a grip while holding it. Both the top, as well as the bottom of the unit, can open up with a latch mechanism to expose the device's internal components. The top latch opens to reveal the flavor chamber, battery and a small pick tool. Both top and bottom lids are magnetic.

Mouthpiece Option

The Davinci IQ 2 vaporizer comes with a flat already installed mouthpiece that you can use directly from the box. It also comes with another extended one packed in the box. The extended mouthpiece can also be used for other functions such as a water filtration device and a 10mm adapter for various accessories. Taking a draw from the extended mouthpiece has a natural feeling and helps in cooling down the vapor further. The only drawback limitation with the extended mouthpiece is that it reduces the device portability.

Dry Herbs and Concentrates

Traditionally, the Davinci IQ was primarily made to vape dry herbs, and so far, it has done an excellent job. With the Davinci IQ2 vaporizer, you can now vape both dry herbs and concentrates. This is a perfect option for users who would like to vape both materials but do not want to carry two different devices around. While using concentrates on it, be sure not to overload the device as you may damage it if the concentrates are not properly vaporized.

Vapor Quality

The number of features that comes with this tiny device makes its vapor quality to be amazing. From the airflow feature to the ceramic and glass at the bottom that cools your vapor, the quality of your vapor is ensured. This gives you an enjoyable experience that you can expect from the device as much as it’s functional. The device also has variable heating settings and precise temperature control that allows the user to experience their vaping material in all forms. This helps in producing tasty draws.

Smartphone App


Just as you may have expected from this great device, it features Bluetooth connectivity meaning that you can control your device function using a smartphone. However, the controls on the device itself are fully functional, and you can control the device entirely without the use of a smartphone. Some users prefer using the device controls so that they can interact with it better. However, the choice is entirely yours, and you have options to choose from.

Dose Control

Unlike its predecessor, the Davinci IQ vaporizer, this unit comes with a feature known as dose control. Dose control enables you to dictate how much of a certain substance you would like to vape. For example, if your preferred vaping material is CBD hemp flowers, you can be able to set the amount of dose you would want to take in before you begin using the device. This can be accomplished using the Bluetooth app. The dosage you have chosen will reflect both on the smartphone app and the LED screen on the device.

18650 Battery

The Davinci IQ 2 vaporizer uses a replaceable 18650 battery. The battery can last for up to an hour, which is pretty impressive. Included in the box is the micro USB charger to charge the device. It takes about six hours to attain a full charge. However, you have the option of using an external charge which will reduce the charging time to three hours though most vapers do not prefer external charging. Most users don’t like removing the battery from the device time and again for charging.

Adjustable Airflow

The device has a new airflow control at the bottom lid. The lid can be turned to reveal the four levels of airflow. The four holes can be adjusted in a way that they control the amount of air that gets into and out of the device. This feature is vital since it controls the type of vapor you are looking to achieve. Increasing air via the airflow will make the oven to heat faster, resulting in cooler but less dense vapor. Reducing airflow will result in warmer but denser vapor.

Buying the Davinci IQ 2 vaporizer

The Davinci IQ 2 vaporizer is a device that every vape enthusiast should be looking to buy. The device is pretty portable making it a perfect option to be used on the go. Also, it comes with lots of features making it worth your money. The built quality is also pretty impressive, making it a durable device. Order your unit today and transform your vaping experience.


-          1 x Davinci IQ 2

-          1 X Extra Pick Tool

-          1 x Dosage Pod

-          1 x Ceramic Extract Disc

-          1 x 10mm Cable Adapter

-          1 x USB Charging Cable

-          9 x Pieces of organic Cotton

-          9 x Alcohol Wipes

Technical Specifications

-          Brand: Davinci

-          Model: IQ2

-          Heat Production:     Conduction

-          Oven Size: 0.2g Dosage Pod / 0.5g Dry Herb Oven

-          Colors: Black, Purple, Grey, and Blue