Dash Vaporizer


Dash Vaporizer
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-          510 Thread Style

-          15 Voltage Settings

-          On-Screen Battery Display

-          Large Chamber

-          Magnetic Adapters

-          Protected Tankview Design

Dash Vaporizer is one of the most recent Randy’s unique vaporizer line. With a digital display control center that features 15 voltage settings ranging 2.8V -4.2V, this 510 thread style vaporizer offers the perfect and lower voltage for your cartridges. However, it also provides higher voltages that are powerful enough to deliver the most flavorful hit sessions from your favorite concentrates.

650 mAh Battery Capacity and the Voltage Range 2.8V- 4.2 V

The Dash comes with a high-grade 650 mAh battery which is perfect for long hours of use. The battery can deliver at least 400 hits at 2.8V before it needs to be recharged. The combination of the digital interface, quick-charging USB cable and the 650 mAh battery allows the user to charge the device quickly.

Buying the Randy’s Dash Vaporizer

The Dash vaporizer features an on the screen battery display which comes in perfectly if you are heading out for the day or sharing some quality time with your friends. Additionally, the Dash comes with a quick charging USB cable and two magnetic adapters with a large chamber that is guarded by the battery, to generally fit about any 510 style cartridge.


-          1 x Dash Vaporizer

-          1 x Dash Battery

-          1 x USB Charger

-          1 x Short Cartridge Adapter

-          1 x Tall Cartridge Adapter

-          1 x User Manual

Technical Specifications

-          Compatibility: Oil, Concentrates

-          Color: Silver, Black, Blue

-          Working Voltage: 2.8 V-4.2V

-          Charging Voltage/Current: 5V/500mAh

-          Battery Capacity: 650mAh

-          Resistance: 1.0 ohm

-          Size: 37mm x 16mm x 64mm

-          Pen size: 3.85 in x 1.3 in

-          Charging Time: 1-2 hours

-          Supports 0.5-3.0 ohm cartridges