Da Buddha Vaporizer

7th Floor

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  • Aluminum Housing
  • Ceramic Heating
  • Full Adjustable Temperature
  • Glass On Glass Construction

For the ultimate in performance and efficiency a desktop vaporizer is hard to beat. US company 7th Floor Vapes has cultivated a reputation for producing high end products such as the Super Surfer and Silver Surfer that represent some of the finest desktops money can buy.

Affordability And Quality

While those two might be at a price point that is out of reach for many vapers the more affordable Da Buddha vaporizer offers the same level of construction that’s within reach for those on a budget. Da Buddha is a whip style device that utilizes a ceramic heating element and glass on glass construction just like their more expensive range but without the cost. A vertical (the Surfers use a titled design) aluminum cylinder with a Buddha logo makes up the base of the unit. The glass wand attaches to the side at a horizontal angle and extends 3ft with the included food grade quality hose. The look of the Da Buddha is not as richly designed as its counterparts but the no frills approach is what helps keep the cost down to focus solely on performance. The simple design means it’s durable with less parts to break down, however. When you’re ready to invest more optional accessories are available too such as heating covers, mouthpieces, wands, and a vapor tamer to help cool down the vape.

Operating The Da Buddha

Before using the Buddha you’ll need to break the unit in by keeping it turned on for 10 minutes to burn off any oils leftover from production. For normal use, however, allow the unit to heat 2-3 minutes on full power before pulling back to about 2 o’clock. The temperature knob has no exact markings so you’ll have to experiment with what works best but this is a good starting point. 7th Floor recommend taking about a week to get used to the unit and finding the heat level that produces the type of vapor you favor. Then just load the end of the wand loosely with about a 1/5th of a gram of herb and insert into the side of the cylinder. You can take hits between 5-8 seconds each to maximize volume and intensity. Don’t let the wand overheat between draws, though, as this can lead to burnt material and a poorer flavor. It goes without saying but these types of vapes can get extremely hot. So don’t touch them or allow any loose material such as hair to come in contact with them.

Buying The Da Buddha

While not cheap compared to portable vapes the Buddha gets you the quality construction 7th Floor Vapes is know for a bargain. The large chamber helps with efficient vaporization that provides clean flavor due to ceramic heating and glass wand. A great buy for those looking at desktop vaporizers online.


  • 3’ Tubing
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Glass Wand
  • Manual
  • Padded Storage Bag
  • Replacement Screen
  • SSV Stir Stick

Technical Specifications

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 7.85" x 11.75" x 13.25"
  • Dry Herb

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