Cloud V Electro Vaporizer


Cloud V Electro Vaporizer
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The Cloud V Electro Vaporizer is another great creation made by the Cloud V Company which is a name brand manufacturer that always developed the best new and improved vaporizers. This time they done it great a portable E-Nail set up with a huge battery storing over 6000mAH of battery power in this vaporizer. The CLoud V Electro is an amazing vaporizer and is one of the best types of vaporizers for sale if you're into wax dabbing your concentrates at a high velocity with amazing performance. With two different heating settings, you can control the amount of heat that's powered in weather it is low heating settings or high heating for maximum vapor density, the Cloud V Electro Vaporizer can do it all.

Cloud V Electro Battery
This Dab rigs uses a strong 6000mA battery that will give you extreme high powered vaping session to dab your wax concentrates. Unlike other dab rigs, this vaporizer uses a battery to make things happy. This battery has the strength to be able to last for over 5 hours of continous use. You get plenty of vaping sessions when you use the Cloud V Electro Vaporizer. With over 6000mAH, this battery holds the most energy out of any battery seen in any portable vaporizer and the fact is that the company wants to see their consumers become very happy customers when they buy the Cloud V Electro.

Cloud V Electro Performance & Heating
With the Electro, the performance will be very complete when you realize you can choose the blue setting which is one out of the two settings giving powerful heating of 800°F which is the customary temperature setting for any dabbing rig if you want to use the low settings to be able to vaporize any types of materials. When you want to put the Electro to even higher settings, you can max it out at over 1000°F which it will reach that temperature in a little under 15 seconds almost giving you instant heating to be able to dab out with your friends or even by yourself. The titanium E-Nail will get to its desired temperature in under 15 seconds and the signified green LED light will let you know once the temperature has fully reached to that heating level, indicating it is okay to start the dabbing away.

Cloud V Electro Aqua Bubbler
A very important accessory that the Cloud V Electro E-Nail dabbing machine comes with is the Side Arm Aqua Bubbler which is built out of extreme thick pyrex glass and is an important factor for taking the vaping to a whole other dimension. When you use the Aqua Bubbler, you can experience some great enhancements and get cool vapor output when using this vaping dabbing machine. Not only will the potency of your sessions heighten, the length of the dabbing, amount of vapor and the filtration and cool output of the vapor will be the added icing to the cake when these variables all enhance the experience to completely new level for you to get the best out of the Cloud V Electro E-Nail portable vaporizer system.

Buying The Cloud V Electro
You can't go wrong with a portable dabbing machine that has a powerful 6000mAH battery capable of supporting high temperatures of over 1000°F using two different heating levels for a low dabbing experience to get very flavorful results to maxing it out and getting extreme results with mega vapor density. Adding in the Side Arm Aqua Bubbler is just another enhancement to take the game to the next level and vaporize with extreme precision and purity when you want to use a vaporizer that will greatly do the job with no problems. The Cloud V Electro E-Nail system is the perfect thing to buy as it is completely portab;e built with quality and at an afforable price.