Cloud Penz 3.0 Wax Pen


Cloud pen 3.0 kit
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New update with the Cloud Penz line and it is called the Cloud Penz 3.0 which is a super wax vaporizer kit but also comes with an herbal atomizer made out of titanium heating coils with ceramic glass atomizers. There's many new types of atomizers in this kit that haven't been shown in the vaping world yet and the new ones are vertical style atomizers which are perfect for vaping a nice load of material. The Cloud Penz 3.0 is a kit to surely custom vape all your waxes and concentrates at super quality results getting a huge cloud of vapor will be the end result. The heating in the atomizer base is titanium metal which is a proven metal to see amazing results. This is the perfect vaporizer package to all dabbing and vapor enthusiast that need a vape pen small enough to palm and fit in your pocket and perfect to vape quality, thick vapor clouds.

Cloud Penz 3.0 New Atomizers


The Cloud Penz 3.0 Vaporizer is the better type of kit made to perfectly vaporize your concentrates. With the titanium conduction heating coils and the unique atomizer style which ends up making a perfect fitting vaporizer pen. The Cloud Penz 3.0 kit is perfectly equipped with all the different atomizers you need to vaporize any type of materials. A new Ceramic-Rod titanium hand-wrapped coil atomizer, the Media A2.0t atomizer, the Cloud Atlas 3.0 Globe with a 2.0 atomizer base are the newest types of atomizers not seen before. With these custom atomizers, you get the best quality vaping, your oils and concentrates won't be left with residue as the atomizers cover all ends of the loading area.

Cloud Penz 3.0 New Battery
The Cloud Penz 3.0 vaporizer comes with a new and more powerful 650mAH battery than the old one had. The amount of energy stored in the Lithium Ion battery will allow you to vaporize for over 2 hours consecutively. The Lithium Ion 3.0 battery only takes 1.5 hours to charge and the indicator life at 10% battery will flicker a red indication light to let you know when it is time to plug in the micro-USB charger. With convienient features, the simple vape pen that makes for easy loading and quick charging is a steal deal at the price it costs. The Unit comes with the micro-USB charger cord and a wall mount to be able to plug up to the wall for quicker charging.

Cloud Penz 3.0 Main Features
Being able to have a great vaping area is important, folks at Cloud Penz made it possible to be able to have an effective wax / concentrate vaporizer with the exception you could vaporize herbs if you so happen to have any around. Unlike other vape pen kits which have a 10 second drag time, the Cloud Penz 3.0 has a 25 second drag time which opens up the possibility to be able to have incredible vapor clouds as the Auto-lock feature now locks at the 25 second mark. With the different styles of hand-wrapped silica wick atomizers, you have plenty of reach and variety when being able to effectively vaporize your waxes and concentrates without worrying about the char type of taste. You can finally enjoy the flavor of what you're vaping when using the Cloud Penz 3.0 vaporizer.  The Click-in atomizers allow the user to be able to snap in the atomizer if you need to change it with another very fast. The A2.0 click-in atomizer uses a ceramic glass area that has a dual ceramic rod which has hand-wrapped silica material with titanium to be able to vaporize the entire circumfrence of your vaping area of the amount you load making cleaning a breeze and non-messy task. The Glass Globe Atomizer makes it possible to effectively vape your liquid waxy concentrates to store for later use without it leaking at all.

With all the new features and new atomizers the Cloud Penz 3.0 comes with, it makes an amazing kit to own with lots of possibilities. This vaporizer kit is one of the best around and has become one of the most popular types of vaporizers. With the 10% Battery indicator light which flickers red, the new atomizers and the click-in feature, the Cloud Penz 3.0 seems to good to be true, but it is true, this vape pen will really give you everything you need and you'll never over-vape your materials.  You can vaporizer any type of concentrate density or any types of materials you have the cloud penz 3.0 will vape a perfect session. *