Buying Guide

Many of you might have never heard of a vaporizer until recently or perhaps are a first time buyer. Either way, there is definitely a lot to know and understand before choosing the vaporizer that will be best for you. The first thing you need to know is that there are 3 types of vaporizers: Vaporizer pens, portable vaporizers, and desktop vaporizers. Vaporizer pens are actually a type of portable vaporizer so to simplify things, we will say there are 2 categories.

Portable (aka hand-held vaporizers)


These vaporizers are meant to be exactly as the name sounds, portable. Portable vaporizers are generally a lot smaller in size then desktop vaporizers and are intended to be highly discreet. These units contain an internal lithium ion battery and generally do not need a power-outlet in order to operate.


Desktop (aka table-top vaporizers)


These vaporizers are meant to be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Desktop vaporizers are generally highly efficient machines capable of producing some of the purest vapor. They tend to have more features than portable vaporizers and allow you more control over the vaporization process (ie. temperature adjustments). These units must be plugged into a power source in order work.

This is a very brief, simple explanation of the two types. We have a more in-depth article of the different types of vaporizers for sale.

Once you've determined which type of vaporizer you need, the next thing you have to consider is cost.




If you've taken a look around our shop or other places online, you'll notice a big discrepancy between the costs of vaporizers. There are pen vapes available for as little as $50 and then other units such as the Volcano Digit that run close $700. Most vaporizers tend to run between $150-300. Price and quality generally tend to be related attributes, but is important to realize that is not always the case. There are definitely high-quality vaporizers on the market that are cheaper and will not cost you a fortune.

We ALWAYS recommend buying from an authorized deal (such as us here at VaporizerChief). You may be asking yourself  "Why is that so important"? Well if you've looked around on Ebay and other sites, you will see a lot of brand name vaporizers being sold for less than half of the retail price. Like most things in life, when something seems to good be true, it usually is. These products that are being sold are most likely either FAKE or do not come with a warranty, usually both.

We emphasize how important is to buy from an authorized dealer because the last thing you want do is spend your hard earned money on a device that is going to eventually fail on you and then not be able to get it fixed through the brands warranty because it is counterfeit.




The last thing you want to happen after investing your money into a vaporizer, is to wake up one day and discover that it has stopped working. Durability is one of the single most important qualities of a vaporizer. In general, there is less that can go wrong in a more simple design as opposed to a complex device that requires more construction. However, that should not be used as a measuring stick as simple devices can be still be made with the highest quality, reliable parts. We highly recommend doing a little bit of research and reading consumer reviews regarding the vaporizer you're interested in. Usually lots of positive reviews can be a good indicator of a well-built unit.




There will never be a brand that will manufacture a 100% perfect product. Whether the device is built in China or the United States, there is always a small chance for there to be a defect. The type of warranty included will often vary from brand to brand. Some companies will offer a warranty for only certain parts, some a warranty for all included parts, and then there are some that even offer a life-time warranty for their product. We highly recommend to read the warranty carefully as there are many companies will NOT honor a warranty unless the unit is purchased from an authorized deal. If you decide to purchase a vaporizer through us at VaporizerChief, you will not have to be concerned in this matter as we are an authorized dealer with all of our products fully warrantied.




There are vaporizers that are built to use right out of the box and there others that may require more setup and involve a learning curve. Some also have a heating chamber that takes more time to load and may be considered more difficult.  Overall you can get a full grip on how to use any vaporizer properly by watching instruction videos and through practice. 




The use of oil and wax concentrates is a trend that is continuing to grow and has no signs of slowing down. Many people think they can put any kind of concentrate they want into the vaporizer and that it will work - unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are vaporizers designed work exclusively with dry herbs, others with wax & oil concentrates, and then some with all 3. We highly recommend you pick a vaporizer that will suit your needs based on the type of concentrate(s) you plan on using.