Boundless CFX+ Vaporizer


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  • Full-Color Digital Display

  • Ceramic Heating Chamber

  • Present Temperature Levels

  • Zirconia Cooling Airpath

  • Advanced Temperature Control System

  • USB-C Charging Port

The Boundless CFX Plus is the latest version of the original CFX, which was one of our best selling vapes still to date!  This unit is also a portable dry herb vape and packed with some awesome new features & upgrades... including a powerful heating chamber and an improved airflow system. This helps it to produce some amazing quality vapor while still remaining extremely portable and discreet.

Build Quality

The build quality of the CFX+ is evident in every aspect of the device. With it's precision engineering and performance, this vape is going to compete with even the most expensive models. The materials used in its construction are top-notch and the original design has been heavily improved on (it's not nearly as bulky). This allows it to remain feeling solid in your hand but also not sticking out.

Temperature Control

This unit is one of the most versatile dry herb vaporizers on the market and has an impressive temperature flexibility. With a temperature range of 121°C to 221°C, the CFX+ can perfectly accommodate all preferences - the precision temperature control system allows users to fine-tune the temperature to the exact degree. This means you can always get great vapor quality with each vaping session.


While the Boundless CFX+ is not the smallest vaporizer on the market, it is still quite portable. Measuring 7 × 3 × 10 cm, it will fit easily into your pocket or purse. The CFX+ also comes with a carrying case, so you can keep all the vape gear together when you're on the go.

Battery Life

The high-performance of this unit also extends out to it's battery life - which can average anywhere from 60 and 80 minutes per full charge. That's enough time to enjoy your favorite dry herbs. And when you're finished vaping, the CFX+'s quick-charge feature will have you back up and ready to go in no time.

Buying Boundless CFX+

Are you looking for a portable dry herb vape packed with power and great quality? Look no further than the Boundless CFX+ vaporizer! With its upgraded heating system, improved airflow design, and longer-lasting battery, you can't go wrong. Try it out today and experience the ultimate in portable vaping pleasure!


1 x CFX+ Vaporizer

1 x Stir Tool

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Concentrate Container

1 x USB-C Cable

1 x User Manual

Technical Specification

  • Product type: Portable vaporizer

  • Warranty: One Year

  • Compatibility: Dry Herb

  • Oven Capacity: 0.3 gr

  • Weight: 284 Grams

  • Heating: Conduction