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The Boundless CFV Vaporizer is the newest member of the family of portable dry herb vaporizers. With a decent heat up time of about 30 seconds and precise digital temperature control, the CFV is a full convection vaporizer. It does not use hybrid combination of conduction and convection heating as like its predecessors the Boundless CF and CFX vapes.

The application of 100% convection vaporizing is targeted to ensure that the Boundless CFV tastes better and the taste lasts longer. Like the Firefly 2, the herbs in the Boundless CFV Vaporizer are also exposed to heat when the user would inhale them. This means that there would be no unnecessary burning of the herbs and the user would not be getting that irritating burning popcorn taste either. 

Boundless CFV Unique Features

The most unique feature of the Boundless CFV Vaporizer is the usage of the heat retention rings inside the herb chamber. This is a totally new concept in the world of vaporizers. Three different types of rings come with the vaporizer kit. These rings are designed to sit inside the oven, lining the wall and are intended to alter the flavor of the depending on the material of the ring. They are interchangeable and can be used as per the choice of the user and the type of the herb. 

The three rings that are currently available with the kit are made of quartz, wood and stainless steel. Golden rings are also supposed to be added in near future. While the wooden ring does not absorb any heat, the metallic rings do absorb some amount of it thereby providing a semi conduction experience to the user.

Boundless CFV Design

Designed on similar lines as its predecessors, the CFV has the display on the side along with the activation buttons. The charging port is also adjacent to the activation buttons. Right under the mouthpiece is the herb chamber which gets exposed with a half turn of the top of the vapes unit. 

The CFV is designed to suck the air from the bottom and pass it through the heating element, followed by the herb chamber and finally to the mouthpiece via the heat rings. Just like any other convection vaporizer, the herbs are not getting heated by a direct source of heat, but by the heat which is getting generated outside the herb chamber. The fully isolated air path allows massive draws which makes the whole purpose of the vaporizer get served in a much better way.

Using the CFV Portable Vaporizer

Using the Boundless CFV Vaporizer is a highly uncomplicated task. All the user has to do is to grind the herbs to a medium fine grind and load the herb chamber with it. After turning the power on, it a matter of 30 seconds before the user can enjoy the flavor hits. The vapor would tend to get denser after a certain number of hits, which requires the user to periodically stir the unit to enjoy the flavor to the fullest.

For best results it is recommended that the chamber is filled with herbs. However, the lighter the packing of the herbs would be, the better would be the taste. A light packing would ensure that hot air passes through the dry herbs evenly and give the best flavor to the user.

Boundless CFV specifications

The dimensions of the CFV are just ideal to make it the most preferred pocket vaporizer in the convection family. The height of the vaporizer is 10.8cm, the width is 5.7cm and the depth is 2.85cms. It weighs just 126 g or 4.5 oz. The temperature range is fully adjustable and ranges between 140º F and 446º F. The temperature can be increased by one degree at a time by means of the temperature control buttons available on the side panel of the CFV unit. 

The unit gets charged by means of micro USB connectivity. The overall charging time is about 2.5 hours that makes the CFV eligible for continuous use of about 30 to 40 minutes. The shut down time of the unit is just 4 minutes. 

Other features of the Boundless CFV

The Boundless CFV Vaporizer offers some additional features which were not available in many of its predecessors. The unit has a session timer that lets the user keep a track of the total duration of the hit session. It also has a battery level indicator. The OLED display on the CFV allows the user to see the exact temperature and alter it as per their choice. The unit has the feature of storing the last temperature, in case the user wants to keep a track of the same. 

Like other models of Boundless vapes, the CFV also has a 360º mouthpiece that makes it easier to draw the air from any angle.

CFV Package Contents

The CFV vaporizer kit includes the Boundless CFV Vaporizer along with other essential components. It comes with a loading tool, a cleaning brush, replacement rubber bands, tool to dismantle the oven chamber, a stir tool, the three flavor rings and a micro USB charging cable to charge the vaporizer unit. The kit also includes an instruction manual.

Buying the Boundless CFV Vaporizer

If the taste and efficiency of the herb is something that you value and  you are looking for a pocket friendly pure convection vaporizer, the Boundless CFV Vaporizer is a fantastic choice. The unit is also available in two different colors: red and black. This gives the user the liberty to make a choice depending on their personality. 

With the OLED temperature display and the unique interchangeable heat retention rings, the CFV is dedicated to deliver better vaping experience than any of its counterparts that are available in the market currently. It may not be as cheap as the other Boundless vaporizers like the CF and CFX, but it certainly is a great value of money if the crazy good taste of the hits is being taken into consideration. It certainly is one of the contenders for being adjudicated as the best convection vaporizers available in current times.