Boundless CFC Vaporizer


Boundless CFC Vaporizer black convection vape



  • 20 Second Heat Time
  • Ceramic Chamber
  • Compact
  • Isolated Airway
  • OLED Screen

Boundless have just released another vaporizer, the CFC, adding to their existing line of compact devices with the focus now squarely on portability.While the larger CFX vaporizer featured a dual convection-conduction chamber and the CFV pure convection, the CFC utilizes a conduction heating element which allows for an overall size reduction, making it their most compact unit yet.

Portable Unique Design

At just under 5” length the CFC will easily fit in the palm of your hand. The teardrop shape creates a look like no other vape and really sets it apart visually. Some might find the extra width from the curved bottom makes it less comfortable to hold than a slimmer design, however.The surface of the unit is a ridged rubber finish that not only helps increase grip but allows air to cool the surface more efficiently, similar to the Atmos Pillar. Herb is heated by conduction through a ceramic chamber that doesn’t combust your material for a smoother flavor and an authentic vape Temperature can be set anywhere from a range of 140F all the way up to 446F, one degree at a time. This allows an enormous amount of precise control all the way from sweet smooth vapor to large clouds that rival more expensive units.While the battery is nowhere near the 5000 mAh the CFX supported, its 1900mAh capacity still allows for 12-15 sessions per charge. This will vary depending on what temperature settings you use, higher heat levels will draining quicker.A charge will take around 1.5 -2 hours, if the battery is 25% or over you can do a pass-through charge as well.

Operating The Boundless CFC

To get started with the CFC remove the mouthpiece and pack in finely ground herb (although more coarse types should work fine.) This is another area where the curved bottom is less than ideal as you are unable to stand the unit on its own while packing. So be prepared to do it one handed.Press the power button 5 times to start the heating cycle and wait 20 seconds for it to reach its temperature. You can then relax with a considerable running time of 5 minutes before the unit will stop heating and switch to standby.Not ready to finish yet? Just double tap the button two times and it will start right up again. Total running time on a charge is about 90 minutes.Temperatures can be set either in single digit increments but if you hold down either the + or - buttons you can rapidly make larger adjustments. The CFC herbal vaporizer will display both Celsius and Fahrenheit, easily changeable by pressing both the + and - buttons together.One small caveat with this ultra-portable design is that the mouthpiece is situated closely to the oven that results in it getting somewhat hot over long sessions. This won’t affect many people but those who are sharing over longer periods of time with high temperature settings should keep it in mind

Buying The Boundless CFC

The CFC has a strong pedigree before it but that also means high expectations of how it will perform. Thankfully, Boundless have delivered once again and produced a vaporizer that's one of the most portable available while still adhering to their strong commitment to quality.The sub $100 price tag makes it an easy recommendation for those new to the scene who are looking to buy a vape that can pass a stealth test while still producing impressive clouds, both of which the CFC vape is more than capable of.


  • Cleaning Brush
  • Manual
  • USB Cable

Technical Specifications

  • 1900 mAh Battery
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 4.7” x 1.6” x 1”
  • Weight 0.5lb