Boundless CF Vaporizer


Boundless CF vaporizer
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The Boundless CF is one of the best high-powered portable vaporizers in the world. There isn't a portable vaporizer better than the Boundless editions since this brand can give the best performance over anyone that has a portable vaporizer that thinks they can stack up to the Boundless CF. This is a vaporizer that holds a large herbal chamber as it uses high-quality ceramic materials internally that'll ensure the best possible vaporization flavor. When it comes down to having a high quality vaporizer, the CF is one of the top tier premium vaporizers. It is hard to stack up in performance to the Boundless CF vaporizer, it will heat up within 25 seconds and offers you over 10 cycles per full charge.

Boundless CF Performance
The boundless CF has the best possible performance out of any type of vaporizer. It has a very large battery capable of giving you over 10 full sessions at maximum performance. This vaporizer gives you the best set up for having a small handheld vaporizer to where loading the herbs inside the herbal chamber is very quick and simple. It takes 5 seamless pushes of the button which will activate the vaporizer by turning it on, you set the temperature by holding down the button which will cycle through the 5 different temperature settings starting at 355° F and increasing in 15° F increments up to 415°F and Within 25 seconds upon leaving the herbs inside the herbal chamber and turning it on you'll be producing really high quality vapor.

Boundless CF Compatibility Versatility
You can use the Boundless CF whatever way you need to vaporize with. You can vaporize waxes and herbs with the Boundless CF using convection heating that generates using 5 different pre-set temperature settings to get the most optimal vaping experience. The Hybrid convection and conduction heating makes it a really expandable vaporizer for liquid substances that don't vaporize from convection heating. The simple one button control is powered by a simple button. You don't need any type. The CF works extremely well with large herbal material, this is one out of very few premium portable vaporizers that you don't need to grind the herb for it to completely extract the botanical from the herb. This gives you the upper hand since you'll have no tampering done to the herbal materials which gives you cleaner and more potent-clean vaporization pulls. loose leaf to packed tight loading, in the end you will be able to vaporize your dry herbal materials to your liquid to wax concentrates making this a highly compatible and very versatile vaporizer.

Boundless CF Vaporizer Technology
When it comes down to the types of quality vaporizers made, it is clear that the Boundless CF vaporizer is one working device that can give you every bit of feature those seek when looking for a premium quality vaporizer for sale. This version is a lot more basic and small than its bigger brother the Boundless CFX. The Boundless CF simply has 5 temperature settings that are indicated with LED lighting display in a vertical fashion to where all the temperature settings display in a vertical row inked in white on the outside of the poly-carbonate design. The lithium ion battery is packed with 1300mAH and uses a powerful 5V 2.0amp USB charger (included) making charging in full less than 1 Hour which gives you very good vaping sessions of 10 full uses on a single charge using it at the highest heating temperature which is 415°F(212.8°C). A feature that can be credited due to its intuitive design is the open air-flow giving you medium resistance making this an isolated air-path design pull. The Hybrid convection and conduction heating only make things easier for your variety of vaping concentrates (conduction) to vaping herbs (convection) really will help you out when it comes down to everything and you end up buying the Boundless CF.

Buying The Boundless CF Vaporizer
When it comes down to buying the Boundless CF Portable Herbal vaporizer, you're buying the gold-mine of vaporizers. This small unit carries 1300mAH of battery power giving you charging sessions of over 10 full sessions on a single charge at maximum temperature 415°F. With the powerful battery comes a powerful charging device as you get a 5V 2.0amp ultra-fast USB charging device. The design is small, only 4.5" tall and 2.5" wide making it small enough to fit inside your palm, a very discreet vaporizer. This is a vaporizer that is built out of poly-carbonate material which is the highest-quality heat-safe plastic that is very durable so it can withstand accidental drops. The temperature gauge is built on the top right side with white Arial font that displays in a vertical alignment going down to the hottest temperature as the very last Fahrenheit level. Besides the white temperature settings are green LED lights that will display bright green once that temperature is selected. The CF has 5 temp settings starting at 355° F and increasing in 15° F increments up to 415°F. Open air-flow allows for good draw resistance, you will be able to have massive vapor clouds depending on the temperature and substance quality and the isolated air-path really helps out. When you buy the CF Boundless You get a 2 year warranty to protect your investment.