Boundless CF Hybrid


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Boundless CF Hybrid
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The CF Hybrid is an all purpose vaporizer that has modifications to where you can switch between herbs, wax and e-liquid modes. This is a high-end premium portable vaporizer that has a built-in 60 watt box mod within it and isolated air-path technology which will give you bigger and better rips. There's a 360° Mouthpiece called a rotary mouthpiece that makes for better and comfortable vaping at any area you choose to put your lips on the mouthpiece, you'll always get the best vaporization sessions especially with the isolated air-path. The OLED display gives you a precise vaporization while letting you get the most out of your herbal material in addition to having an advanced ceramic heating chamber so you can get the best and purest flavor out of the vapor.

When you need a good quality portable vaporizer, it is the Boundless CF Hybrid is one of the best units we have for sale. The different features make this vaporizer very demanding for everything you need from a high quality vaporizer. The Boundless portable vaporizer is an extremely high quality unit that's going to give you the precise vaping quality you need once you start using a good quality vaporizer. There's plenty of things you'd like to see once you use this unit.

Boundless CF Hybrid Portable Vaporizer Features
When it comes down to using the very best units in the world, it is always very fitting to know and understand when you need the best types of vaporizers for sale like the Hybrid features many new types of technologies that we haven't seen before to be able to give you the qualities that you need for vaping the types of materials that you need to be able to fulfill all of your vaporization needs.

Boundless Hybrid Temperature Technology
The Boundless CF Hybrid vaporizer uses intuitive vaporizer technology so you can control the exact time and amount of heating is produced within the herbal chamber so we can begin the vaporization process and get the best type of botanical we need for the style of vaporization so we can begin testing to see how well this vaporizer is going to work for us.

Boundless CF Hybrid Wattage
At above 60 watts, This is a portable vaporizer that can give you the type of power you need to vaporize your favorite waxes and oils with the simple fact that we can increase wattage power to increase vapor density. When we use it like this we have the real battery power being used with the Top Tank and the e-juice's being vaporized at the highest caliber for maximum effectiveness, this powerful box mod used universal 510 threading making it a full style

Temperature Mode
An easy mode that you set which allows you to adjust the temperature

Power Mode
An easy mode that helps switch the entire unit to wattage so you can adjust to watts and use the FT Tank,

Boundless CF Hybrid Multi-Purpose Use
The Boundless CF Hybrid was created to being cable to vaporize e-Juices with the Top Tank since the battery for the Hybrid is actually a Box Mod giving it tremendous power for vaping liquid materials as the Top Tank is universal 510 threaded.

360° Mouthpiece
This makes everything easier when it comes down to using the Hybrid as a portable device since the vaporizer physically will never be needed to be moved when using the device which makes it an easier feature to use everything that is made to function the vaporizer a lot easier.

Buying Boundless CF Hybrid Vaporizer For Sale
When it all comes down to buying a portable vaporizer, there's nothing better than buying the new boundless CF hybrid vaporizer. Enjoying all the benefits from using this herbal portable vaporizer that's also a box mod with a top mod to vaporize e-Juices. This is why the Hybrid is a such a unique unit. With it's advanced heating technology which uses OLED digital controls to precisely set the temperature as well as the wattage, it's an extremely powerful and effective vaporizer for herbs, concentrates, and E-juices.