Why Needing Two Pipes to Switch Between Dry Herbs and Concentrates is Becoming a Thing of the Past

Why Needing Two Pipes to Switch Between Dry Herbs and Concentrates is Becoming a Thing of the Past

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 28th Feb 2021

While the world of vaporizer products is evolving at a faster and faster rate than ever before, providing us with all kinds of technologically advanced features, many of us are forgetting that analog devices are also becoming more evolved to better satisfy our needs. And, it clear that the analog device market is still enormously popular, as there is a large portion of herbal enthusiasts who prefer smoke for various reasons, including its higher potency, stronger flavor and larger clouds.

One huge advancement in the world of pipes is the ability to use a single pipe style to enjoy either dry herb or concentrate on a whim. Once upon a time, a person needed two separate types of pipes to enjoy one or the other, but more of today’s rig and bubbler models allow us to savor both kinds as we so choose thanks to their innovative designs, features, and attachments.

Today’s dual-use rigs and bubblers ensure that you can savor both your flower and concentrates like never before, while offering convenience that cannot be stated enough. The good news is that these devices are now widely available on the market in all kinds of sizes, materials, and designs to satisfy even the most particular enthusiasts’ needs.

Dry Herb vs. Concentrates: Different Products with Different Needs

First, we need to explain the differences between dry herbs and concentrates to appreciate how dual-use devices work.

Dry herb is the purest, most unadulterated form of cannabis that there is, consisting solely of the raw buds picked from the plant material and cured using only the most natural of methods.

Then, there are concentrates. Concentrates are created through various means, either with or without solvents, but what they all share in common is that they take the raw plant material and undergo a specific process that concentrates the compounds so that they are more potent. The most popular type of concentrate is wax, although other products are also popular including shatter, hash and sauce.

So, besides potency level, what are the differences between traditional dry herb and concentrates? Well, one is consistency. Flower is a relatively dry product, while concentrates have a certain moisture level to them due to the stickiness of the trichomes that coat the flower, which are concentrated. Therefore, concentrates are, by nature, stickier and therefore do not burn easily in the traditional bowl of a pipe. Another difference is that the temperatures required to heat concentrates to turn them into vapor are higher due to this change in consistency.

That’s where dab rigs come in. Dabbing is a term used to describe the inhalation of a vapor produced by the concentrates being heated to a specific temperature. At first glance, dab rigs look a lot like traditional pipes, but rather than a bowl, they use a dab nail that’s heated with a torch before the concentrate is applied directly onto it. This allows the concentrate to melt almost instantly to produce smooth yet potent vapor.

Dual-Use Bubblers and Rigs: A Game-Changer in the Herbal Industry

Nowadays, a lot of herbal enthusiasts enjoy both concentrates and flower for different purposes. For instance, the high potency of concentrates makes them great for certain times of day, and inconvenient at other times. In response to this, the hardware industry has developed dual-use devices, in the form of bubblers and rigs, which can handle the needs of both flower and concentrates individually, while being the same device. This means that the user does not need to switch between two different devices to enjoy either product.

How Dual-Use Pipes Work

Dual-use pipes are quite innovative, yet surprisingly simple. In virtually all cases, they simply consist of a traditional bubbler, which is a type of pipe that uses water filtration to cool the smoke, which comes with a dabbing attachment that is easily and intuitively attached to the pipe to make it compatible with concentrates. Because the major difference between dab rigs and traditional pipes is the chamber, which can either be a bowl or a dab nail, these attachments pretty much ensure that both dabbing and smoking are equally enjoyable.

Advantages of Dual-Use Pipes

So, what do dual-use pipes offer that make them so worthy of consideration among serious enthusiasts? As you’re about to find out, there are actually several reasons why this type of device is well worth it.

Advantage #1: Versatility

Of course, the main appeal of dual-use devices is that they are highly versatile, allowing you to seamlessly switch between dabbing and smoking on a whim with the simple use of an attachment. This means you don’t need to purchase two separate devices and make sure to have both of them on hand at all times.

Advantage #2: Less Need for Storage Space

It is certainly convenient that dual-use devices save precious storage space. You don’t need to make room for two separate herbal setups, which can come in handy if you don’t have much drawer space in your home, or even your portable bag that you carry with you throughout the day.

Advantage #3: Enjoy Either When You ae Away from Home

If you really enjoy your herb when you’re on the road, a dual-use device seriously comes in handy. You do not need to carry around two individual pieces, and you’d be surprised by just how portable and compact many of today’s devices have become.

Advantage #4: Exceptional Sessions with Either Product

Today’s dual-use devices are designed in a way that ensures that whether you’re using flower or concentrates, your needs will be more than satisfied. With advanced airflow systems, filtration systems and design elements, these devices offer top-of-the-line features that give you smooth, clean, and flavorful puffs all day long.

Advantage #5: Less Maintenance Requirements

Having two separate devices means having to take care of both of them regularly. We know that cleaning your piece can be a tedious but necessary process. Having a single piece for both types of products means that you can spend less time cleaning and maintaining your devices, and more time enjoying your herbal products.