Why are Some Vaporizers Compatible with Both Wax/Oil and Dry Herb?

Why are Some Vaporizers Compatible with Both Wax/Oil and Dry Herb?

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 14th May 2021

Today’s vaporizer market is getting more advanced by the day, and now, we are seeing devices hit the scene that are uniquely versatile, being capable of satisfying all of your cannabinoid-related needs at once with the ability to vaporize wax, oil and dry herb with a few simple adjustments. This technology is now widely available, but many of us still do not quite understand how it works. Knowing what makes these vaporizers so generously compatible with our favorite products allows us to operate them properly and make the best decisions when shopping for a new vaporizer device.

Wax/Oil Vaporizers vs. Dry Herb Vaporizers

First and foremost, it is important to point out that even the concept of a vaporizer that’s compatible with both wax and oil is relatively new to the market, and somewhat advanced. Waxes and oils have two distinctive consistencies, and thus each require special configurations to accommodate them.

- Waxes require a flash-vaporization process, as their very thick and dense consistencies require far more heat to melt properly and thus turn into vapor.

- Oils are, by nature, easier to vaporize since they are already liquids that easily transform into vapor clouds when heat is applied to them through a coil.

One thing that sets wax and oil vaporizers apart from traditional dry herb vaporizers it the chamber, or coil. This must be constantly changed out because the process of vaporization used for wax and oils causes the heating element to burn out eventually, and thus lose its ability to heat the product. This is different from dry herb vaporizers, which utilize a chamber that lasts for as long as the vaping device itself.

Also, the actual temperatures required to convert the product into vapor are unique depending on what type of product you’re vaping. Both dry herb and oil are best at about 350-375 degrees, as this brings out the best in the terpenes and the cannabinoids. Anything less will fail to properly activate the compounds, and anything higher puts you at risk of burning the product. The reason why the temperature is the same between dry herb and oils is because the oils are taken directly from dry herb without any extra processing steps that change the chemical structure of the compounds.

With wax, 450 to 650 degrees is standard. The heating element must get this hot in order to melt the concentrates, otherwise you simply will not get anything out of them.

The last important difference is that dry herb vaporizers require more powerful batteries, which have higher mAh levels. This is because with a dry herb vaporizer, the entire chamber containing the flower must be heated, which requires more power. With wax and oil vaporizers, only the small coil is getting heated, which utilizes less power as there is less surface area that is receiving the heat.

What All of These Devices Have in Common

While there are clear differences between the different types of vaporizers on the market, there are some clear similarities that explain why multi-purpose devices now exist. One is that the size is similar. Ultimately, these types of devices come in a wide array of sizes and shapes, but generally speaking, they are all relatively portable, and the size largely comes from the size of the battery that it accommodates.

They are also discreet, user-friendly, and relatively easy to maintain due to having few components that must be cleaned regularly. Plus, most devices on the market come with a variety of settings in terms of voltage, wattage or temperature that can be adjusted to bring out different qualities in your vaping experience.

Advanced Technology for Dual-Use Vaporizer Devices

Given the key differences between vaporizers made for dry herb and vaporizers made for waxes and oils, you may be wondering how it’s possible that devices exist that offer compatibility with all of the above. Well, it’s actually not as complicated as it sounds.

The most common design for this type of multi-purpose vaporizer is an attachment piece that acts as a chamber solely for concentrates and oils. This has a separate coil that is designed to vaporize your wax and e-liquids, which is attached to the conventional flower chamber. As we said, these two products are heated in different ways, and so a simple attachment piece enables you to explore all three types of products while still enjoying the right output and resistance configurations to bring out the best qualities in your product of choice.

Further, these types of 3-in-1 devices utilize high-powered batteries so that they can handle the higher mAh demands of flower, while the output can be adjusted to vaporize wax and oil as needed. A key factor of these devices is the ability to adjust output levels to accommodate whatever it is that you feel like vaping that day, as you must be able to achieve temperatures compatible with wax (450-650 degrees) as well as flower and oil (around 350 degrees).

Another thing to keep in mind is that the heating chamber of a multi-purpose vaporizer must be removable so that it can be cleaned, as wax, herb and oils can all leave some sort of residue that can impact the flavor of your vaping experience.

What to Know When Shopping for a Vaporizer

If you are interested in vaporizers that are compatible with wax, oil and dry herb, there are a two key things to ALWAYS keep in mind.

  • 1.Only buy a multi-purpose device if you have the intention of switching between different types of products. Otherwise, you’re better off sticking with a single type of vaporizer made for one specific type of product, as it will require less maintenance and configurations to achieve the experience that you want and keep the device in good shape.
  • 2.If you do go with a multi-purpose device, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure that you use it properly. Failing to follow the directions can result in burnt product or damaging the internals due to improper use.

At Vaporizer Chief, you can find plenty of multi-purpose vaporizers in all shapes, sizes, and configurations, so that you can easily switch between oils, waxes and dry herb as you desire throughout the day.