Which Hand Pipe Style Should I Choose?

Which Hand Pipe Style Should I Choose?

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 30th Dec 2022

Narrowing down your choices when it comes to the best pipe for your smoking needs is no easy task. Even if you decide that what you desire is a hand pipe for its portability and ease of use, you still have many styles to choose from. At Vaporizer Chief, we offer a particularly large variety of hand pipes to choose from, ranging in different sizes, colors, shapes, materials and, perhaps most importantly, styles.

What are My Pipe Style Options?

Now, we know that a lot of our customers love having variety, but simply don’t know which pipe style would suit them best. We’re here to help, by providing information about what each pipe style can do when it comes to your overall smoking experience.

Option #1: Steamroller

A steamroller pipe is quite popular thanks to its powerful ability to enhance the potency of each puff, combined with the fact that this unique feature allows it to conserve your precious flower. Basically, when using a steamroller, each puff really goes a long way, offering a direct, concentrated pull of smoke. Being perfectly straight and horizontal, it offers a side carb for more control over every puff.

Option #2: Spoon Pipe

Nothing says traditional like a classic spoon pipe, which is still the hand pipe of choice for the majority. This portable, handheld pipe offers the advantage of sitting flat on a surface rather than rolling around, which instantly gives the smoker the peace of mind they desire, all while being easy to load thanks to the generously sized bowl. You can fit a nice amount of product into a spoon pipe and enjoy smooth puffs that aren’t as concentrated as those that are possible with a steamroller, for those who prefer to take things a little easier.

Option #3: Mug Pipe

A mug pipe might appear like a gimmick at first glance, but in fact, it’s an incredibly practical choice, especially for those who like to get the day started off with some fresh herb first thing in the morning. This pipe really is a mug, in that it functions like any mug in your kitchen. It holds your favorite coffee while concealing a chamber and airflow channel that allows for a smooth and satisfying smoke, with a bowl artfully placed so that you can accomplish two aspects of your daily routine at the same time.

Option #4: Chillum

A chillum is often confused with a steamroller, so allow us to clarify the differences. While a steamroller has a bowl and a carb, a chillum has neither, instead, offering a small chamber for about enough flower to produce one to two puffs total. It’s the ultimate one-and-done piece – after all, it’s also referred to as a “one-hitter” – and makes your routine much easier, especially when you’re on the go and need something small, easy to load, and discreet.

Option #5: Water Pipe

You will find a variety of water pipes in a handheld size, that provide the best of both worlds – the portability of a hand pipe, and the cool, smooth and filtered smoke that comes with using a pipe that contains a water chamber. They come in various sizes and shapes, but what they all share in common is that they can offer one of the most gratifying smokes in the world thanks to the water chamber that really does wonders making each puff of smoke feel wonderful as it makes its way into the lungs.

Option #6: Sherlock

A lot of people find themselves gravitating toward a sherlock pipe, which doesn’t just come with the aesthetic advantage of making the smoker feel like Sherlock Holmes. This unique design is about a lot more than looks alone, as the elongated, curved stem does a great job cooling down the smoke before it enters the mouth. It therefore minimizes harshness, while also filtering the smoke to make each puff less impactful for those who want to enjoy longer sessions rather than a quick blast of super potent smoke.

Option #7: Slider

A slider is an awesome choice for those who love the nature of rolling their own, but also want something more convenient and long-term. Sliders are straight pipes that have an inner tube that you slide out of the device to load with the product of your choice. Then you return the tube to the inside and light up – it’s that simple.

Option #8: Novelty Pipe

We offer plenty of novelty pipes that come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, all to let your personality really shine. These novelty pipes are just as functional as they are enjoyable. Not to mention, novelty pipes can be amazing additions to your collection of pieces if you want something to pull out for some extra fun.

Find the Right Hand Pipe for Your Herbal Smoking Needs!

Vaporizer Chief’s goal is really simple: we want every customer to have the perfect pipe for their unique needs and preferences. That’s why our company offers such an impressive selection of hand pipes in all kinds of styles. Once you know which pipe style is gonna satisfy your smoking needs, you can then choose from all kinds of colors, materials, and more, in order to really customize your daily sessions for maximum satisfaction.