What’s the Best Type of Vaporizer for Me?

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 7th Jun 2021

In such a short amount of time, so many different kinds and designs of vaporizers have come out. Different sizes, shapes, uses with some other designs that are identical to others. Even the amount of companies that have come out the wood works is a lot. Each have something new to implement. All in all, it all comes down to what you want in a vaporizer. Maybe it’s the way it feels in your hand or the range of temperature options. One thing is for sure is that you asked yourself, "Which vaporizer is the right one for me?" Well we can help you narrow it down a bit more.

What’s a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device used to vaporize planet materials such as herbs for inhalation. Your material can consist of herbs, concentrates, liquids or oils. Each material will use a different type of heating chamber to heat it up. They also use different temperatures to vaporize which is why it’s better to go with the option of selecting your vapes heat level.

Usually people with respiratory, lung, or throat issues use a vape pen. This can help them use the necessary herbs without needing to smoke it. This is why a convection vaporizer is much more needed than a conduction method. A proper convection vape helps your material vaporize properly rather than burn and combust your herbs like conduction type.

Dry Herb

Herbal or weed vapes as some people call them are a form of inhaling your dry plants. However with this method, you do not smoke or burn your herbs, you vaporize them. Rather than direct heat being applied to your herbs, they are slowly vaporized inside an oven that is usually controlled by you. Temperature selection is very important when it comes to dry herb vape pens because every herb vaporizes at a different temperature. Even the active ingredients in the herb can be different temperatures. For example, cannabinoids, which are the active ingredients in marijuana vaporize at different temperatures ranging from 140°F to 428°F.

Used for: These are for those who want to vaporize their herbs because they've heard of all the side effects that smoking can bring. It is great for someone who is referred to smoke medical marijuana but can't because of a throat or lung irritation problem.

Portability: You can either go for a portable cannabis vaporizer or opt for the at home desktop vape. Ultimately it depends on you but they both have their pros and cons. Desktop vapes will be more efficient and accurate where as the portable unit can go with you just about anywhere.

Functionality: With technology getting better so do flower vapes. The heating temperature accuracy along with the way the device is made makes a big impact. The materials it is made from also matters because some materials radiate heat where others don't. You do not want a unit that heats up the exterior shell and then burns your hands.

Price Range: Prices vary with the cheaper units starting around $30 and going up to $800 products. Doing your research can really save you money. Some companies decide to charge an arm and a leg because they have a big name.

Recommendation: The Pulsar APX is an herbal unit that is known for it's unique and advanced features. Unlike many other portable units at its price point of $59.95, the Pulsar APX comes with 5 temperature settings. They range from 356°F, 374°F, 392°F, 410°F to 428°F. It has a 1600mAh battery along with a battery level indicator on the LED display. The herbal chamber is a ceramic bowl with a stainless steel base to ensure there are no toxins.

Wax Concentrate

Wax vape pens or dab pens are units that vaporize your wax rather than using a dab rig. Instead of spending all that time heating your nail, you can quickly dab some wax on your coil, close the mouthpiece and inhale. Dab pens usually come with different options for an atomizer. An atomizer is where you place your concentrates on that heats it up. A silica wick with a titanium coil wrapped around it is a popular method. Ceramic or quartz rods with a coil wrapped around them is another method. Ceramic plate discs are the newest and most efficient way along with being the cleanest. Wax vape pens are usually vaped at around 500°F.

Used for: Concentrate vaporizers are meant to only be used with concentrates. The coil is designed in a way to heat up anything that turns to liquid under 500°F.

Portability: Just like a dab rig, all wax vape pens are portable. They are usually smaller than other types of devices because you do not need much. The chamber requires a small dab and the battery can be small enough to just power the unit. Not much power is used. The device tends to get bigger when you add more bells and whistles like temperature control.

Functionality: Very easy to use units and can be put to use within 3 minutes from getting your vape mail. They usually come with a dab tool which you use to scoop up your wax and load it on the coil. The batteries are 510 thread so when you need to use CO2 oil cartridges, you can do that too. Just unscrew the chamber and screw on the new cartridge.

Price Range: Recently, more concentrate pens have been coming out with a higher price point but for the most part, they range from $10 to $200. The more advanced ones which look like a dab rig tend to be on the higher side of the price scale.

Recommendation: The Linx Hypnos wax pen is a profound advancement for dabbers all around. From its sleek beautiful design to its efficiency through its coil, it's second to none against its competitors. It has a stainless steel body with the logo on the bottom of the battery and a glass mouthpiece. The glass mouthpiece is a direct vapor airway which extends directly from the coil so there is no interference. It's extremely light weighing in at 46 grams. It is also a 510 thread connection. The Linx Hypnos Zero comes with a ceramic plate disc rather than a coil wrapped wick. The best part about this is the temperature control option. It has the option to toggle through four temperature settings which ranges from 2.7v to 5.5v.


The most popular kind of vaporizers that everyone knows these days are the electronic cigarettes. This have been causing headline news for the past few years with the popularity increasing across every country. Whether it’s being used as a smoking cessation device, as a portable hookah or at a competitive vaping event, it’s definitely something huge. It also helps with that nasty cigarette smell. Unlike cigarettes, ecigs usually smell good. The smell also does not stick to your clothes or skin. You can also control the dosage of your nicotine level to help your ween off cigarettes and nicotine overall.

Used for: eCigarettes are used for either smoking cessation or as a portable hookah. Many people have quit smoking but just like the flavor that an electronic cigarette brings. The throat hit is not how a cigarette tastes and feels like but the nicotine delivery acts almost identical. Many people have praised e-cigs for being the reason they were able to quit.

Portability: E-Cigs only come portable but some of them are bigger than others. Generally the bigger it is, the bigger battery you can place inside. A bigger battery helps you vape longer and creates a more powerful battery.

Functionality: While some people may say e-cigs did not help them quit, the real question is how they used it. Being educated on how they work is very important. The liquid poured into the cartridge comes in different doses. As the e-liquid slowly vaporizes, it turns into vapor which is what you inhale. You must start with what you're comfortable with and slowly take your dose down. This will help you ween off smoking cigarettes.

Price Range: Prices are usually around $10 for starter kits and go all the way to several hundred dollars. There have been some that were noted to be sold for thousands of dollars but those are collectors editions.

Recommendation: The eGo-C Twist starter kit is exactly as the name says, a starter kit. It is perfect for anyone who is starting out and wants to learn the ropes. It comes with a 1300mAh battery which holds more charge than most starter kits. The good thing about eGo-C starter kit is that it's a variable voltage which means you can change the strength of the battery on it. This is useful because not all tanks will vaporize the liquid the same and also some liquids are thicker than others. This can help with bigger vapor clouds.

Triple Use

They can go by the name of dual use or multi-function, these are vapor pens that are able to vaporize all three materials in one unit. Whether its dry herbs, wax, or oils, you do not need to keep switching or buying a new device. They pretty much always come with the ability to change temperatures which is one of the most important options. Some will come with interchangeable chambers and others won't have a chamber to switch out. They work just like most vaporizers do with the 5 click on and off feature.

Used for: Triple use's are used when you know you vape all three materials. This ensures that you don't buy 3 devices and lug it around with you. Most of them don't even require you to change a chamber. You can vape all with one unit.

Portability: All triple use's are portable units and actually don't come in a table-top form.

Functionality: They work just like any other portable vape however this comes with more meat behind it. Some will have you changed chambers becausethe coils and atomizers vary for different materials. Some don't require you to change anything except for adding a tray in there to handle oils and waxes.

Price Range: Prices can range from $100 to $400.

Recommendation: The best bang for your buck vaporizer pen is the X Max V2 Pro because of its efficiency and price. At $99.95, it vaporizes any material you put in it and it even has 5 temperature settings ranging from 356°F to 428°F. It also has has a replaceable battery which not many vapes have. In case you don't have charge in your battery anymore, simply switch it out with another 18650 battery. In the case you want to use waxes or oils with your unit, put the nickel net tray in and set it to your desired temperature.


Knowing whether you want a portable option unit or a stay at home one is important. If you’re usually out and about, then you might want to take your vape with you. If that’s the case then obviously the portable one will be better for you. Depending on where you take it and where you will store it, plan ahead of time. Don’t pick a unit that will be too big for your purse or pocket. Take into account how you want the shape to be. Some are cylindrical while others can be square. They are also either battery powered or butane powered.

Used for: Portable vapes are used when you're on the go and want to take a vape with you. In this case, you might want to look for something more discreet and on the smaller side to help you fit it into your pocket or purse.

Portability: Obviously by the name, these are the most portable units regardless of what you're vaping. The only downside to these is when you end up with an cannabis vaporizer pen that combusts or burns your herbs. What this means is that you're essentially smoking your material instead of vaporizing it. To watch out for this, make sure your flowers are not touching the coil. Anytime there is direct contact, this will happen. Honeycomb glass screens sometimes can help but convection vapes are the way to go. Convection is the process of heating your materials through hot air.

Functionality: Portable vapes work really well except in the case of herbal vape pens. One thing to remember is to look for a vape that has replaceable batteries. The reason for this is because if you're somewhere without your charger or even the ability to charge, you will be vapeless.

Price Range: The prices range from $10 to thousands depending on what you want. A collectors edition is probably not what you're looking for but a starter kit will be under $50.

Vaporizer Pen

A vaporizer pen is exactly as the name sounds, it looks like a pen. It is portable and all vape pens are portable but not all portable units are vaporizer pens. They generally look like a pen or a thick sharpie. The only downside to them is that they usually come in conduction heating methods which means they will burn your herbs rather than heat them just enough to vaporize. This defeats the purpose of using a vape if you're trying to stay away from smoke. A simple fix is using a honeycomb glass screen which sits on top of your coil.However be aware that these usually have disposable coils which can burn out. Don't expect to use the coil for a long time. Average time that they last is about 2-6 weeks depending on your use and maintenance. Not all have coils and some are just convection chambers which means the herbs get heated up by warm air rather than direct contact. They generally have a deep chamber which can fit up too .3 grams of herbs.

Used for: Usually vaporizer pens are used by beginners who are just starting out. It is a really great starter kit to work with. The more expensive kind is going to be more efficient with the way it heats up the herbs. Just remember the cost of maintenance with it. You can use them for herbs, waxes, oils, liquids or even as a triple use unit.

Portability: Just about all vaporizers pen are portable and even small enough to fit in your pocket. Most of them are detachable too so you can take it apart. Some have only two piece which are the battery and the mouthpiece. Most of them are detached into three parts; the battery, the coil and the mouthpiece.

Functionality: They work great once you get the hang of them. Don't open the mouthpiece, throw a huge unbroken nug of herb in there and decide to vape it. You won'y really get much from it. Making sure your dry plants are ground up with a grinder, load it up and close the mouthpiece. Heat it up to your desired temperature and wait for it to vaporize. It usually takes about 15-45 seconds.

Price Range: The price on these generally vary a lot. They start at around $10 and go all the way up to $200.


Stationary desktop units are just like the name says, stationary. They do not leave the house with you unlike portable devices. They are plugged into the outlet for power rather using batteries or butane. They do outshine portable vape pens in efficiency and accuracy. Desktop vaporizers have a broader temperature range and they hit harder. The two methods of capturing the vapor from a desktop vape is a balloon bag and a whip. The balloon bag is filled up within a couple minutes through a fan that blows hot air across your herbs. As they turn into vapor, they fill up your bag. You can detach the balloon and walk around the house while attending to chores. The whip style is great for parties where you have several people gathered around the unit taking a hit each.

Used for: Desktop units are used for home only purposes. They give you more accurate and efficient vapor along with a better taste compared to portable units.

Portability: There is not much portability with these units excepts for balloon bag attachments. This is when the vapor fills up your balloon bag which allows you to detach and walk around the house with.

Functionality: Table top vaporizers are one of the best ones. They work real well and they last the longest. The only downside you have with them is the portable aspect and the price.

Price Range: Table top vapes can range from around $130 and go all the way to $800.

Recommendation: The best desktop station vapor unit is the Volcano Vaporizer. One of the longest and most durable units, it is backed up by one of the most well-known and respected brands, Storz & Bickel. There is a classic and digital version. The different is how the temperature is displayed. The classic is a simple knob which turns from setting 1-7. Digital can change the temperature through an up and down button which also displays the temperature on an LED screen. The method of consumption for the Volcano is through a balloon bag attachment.

Grind up your herbs and place it in the bottom chamber. Turn on your Volcano and set it to your desired temperature. Wait until the balloon is filled to your desired level, detach your balloon bag, open the valve and start to inhale.

Options and Features


Depending on the type of vaporizer pen you go with, you might want to be discreet. Stealthy vaping is usually one of the options vapers generally take into consideration. Whether you want your vape to look like a ballpoint pen in your pencil box on your desk or just don’t want it to be looking like a unit you’re inhaling herbal vapors from, discreet vapes are something to consider. Even at home devices can be better if it’s discreet because it usually means the design is beautiful to not stand out like a vaping device. Options for stealth vaping are not rare but some are better than others. For example, the Vaped FOB looks exactly like a car key. It has all the buttons you would see on a car key like opening and closing the door. It even has a key chain to put on your keys.


Size is another huge factor that vapers think about before taking different options into consideration. You need to plan on where you are going to store it and if it goes with your lifestyle. If you’re a skater, you will want to eventually put a vaporizer in your pocket without feeling like it’s weighing you down. When you’re a girl and want to take a clutch out with you instead of a giant purse, will the vape fit inside?

Temperature control setting

Temperature control settings on a vaporizer are very important and easily the most underappreciated feature. Temperature settings matter because not all herbs vaporize at the same temperature. Some need higher temperature because they are moister. Also some are triple use which means you can use all three materials with it. In this case, you would need to adjust the temperature to match the materials boiling point.


As we advance, vaporizers do too. Some come with the ability to change the temperature setting through the phone. Connect it with Bluetooth and an app. Turn on the app and viola. You can turn it on and off through your phone along with change the auto-shut off time.


When it comes to vaporizers, it is not the hardest decision but you want to make sure you pick the right one. Think about them like phones. Cellular phones are great and they are advancing but compared to home phones, they can be a bit more flawed when it comes to getting connection. Some will drop calls while others will jsut bug out on you. Landline phones are great and won't lose connection unless you go to far from the base. Portable vapes are like cellular phones while desktop units are like landlines. They both work but one can't go past a certain limit while the other one may not be as efficient as the other one.

Picking the right one all boils down to your needs. If you want to be out and about using your vape, portable devices are going to your go-to. If you're using it for at home purposes, desktop are going to be better since they're more efficient..