What This Upcoming Decade Will Bring for Dry Herb Vaping

What This Upcoming Decade Will Bring for Dry Herb Vaping

Posted by David Nadel on 14th Dec 2019

If we look at the last ten years, it’s hard to deny that the world of dry herb vaporizers has evolved tremendously. Thanks to a growing demand, advancements in technology and features borrowed from the nicotine vape industry, vaporizers have gone from clunky, large and heavy tabletop devices to pocket-friendly, user-friendly and sleek systems that are discreet, convenient and totally reliable.

So, considering how much the technology behind dry herb vaping has evolved over the last ten years, what does this mean for the next decade? Well, seeing how the industry is advancing, we have a few ideas.

Smaller, More Portable Devices

Have you noticed that dry herb vaporizers keep getting smaller? This is more than a trend, as it turns out. The fact is that engineers have found ways to make smaller devices more powerful than they ever have been before. They’ve managed to develop intricate circuitry that can do a lot in terms of the performance of a device, and smaller batteries that are just as powerful as the large ones that we’re used to. Of course, few users complain about these smaller devices as they allow us to enjoy our herb more discreetly than ever before. We anticipate that this trend will continue and devices will get even slimmer and smaller than we ever thought possible.

More Customizable Features

We’re seeing that dry herb vaporizers are getting more advanced in terms of their features. Nowadays, we can easily control the temperature, wattage and resistance level of our vaping experience, which is something that so many of us take for granted. We’re even seeing devices with different flavor modes, memory modes and high-tech display screens. We’re certain that as time goes on, we’ll see even more exciting features that allow us to finetune our experience with flawless precision.

Expanded Versatility

A trend that we absolutely love is devices that allow us to seamlessly switch between dry herb, wax and oil concentrates. Most of us dry herb users like to stick with what we’re used to, but having more options is definitely a nice feature, and few would argue otherwise. It allows us to enjoy our dry herb throughout the day, but also try out a different type of concentrate if we’re in the mood to do so, within just a couple of minutes. So, we’re pretty sure that the next decade will show more highly versatile systems that allow us to transition between concentrates and dry herb even more efficiently and easily.

Better in the Reliability Department

The technology behind vaping is getting pretty reliable, wouldn’t you say? Between the advancements of certain safety features and higher-quality chipset technology, we’re finding that it’s less and less common to experience dry hits, error messages and so on. We believe that the future of dry herb vaping promises even more reliability thanks to the brilliant technology that goes into each device that’s on the market.

An Influx in Aesthetically Pleasing Setups

We’ve noticed that dry herb vape setups are getting more and more visually appealing, and we’re sure you’ve noticed as well. It’s clear that consumers care more about the look of their devices than ever before, and the industry is responding with gorgeous designs that appeal to the eye. We can’t wait to see how designs become even more aesthetically pleasing as time goes on.


It’s only natural that as technology becomes more mainstream, it becomes more affordable. When vaporizers first came out, they were so expensive that many dry herb enthusiasts felt like they were left out of the party due to their budgets. Now, vaporizers are more affordable than ever before. Of course, what helps is that they’re smaller, meaning that less material is used to produce each one. This brings down manufacturing costs dramatically, making the technology highly accessible to all.

Safe to Say that the Future of Dry Herb Vaping Looks Exciting Indeed

As technology evolves more rapidly than ever before, we can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store for us. If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that vaporizers will be more portable and reliable than they ever have in the past.