What are Forced Air Vaporizers?

What are Forced Air Vaporizers?

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 28th Mar 2021

Today, herbal enthusiasts have more hardware to choose from than ever before when it comes to how they experience their precious buds. It cannot be denied that vaping technology has become hugely advanced in the last several years, and portable vaping devices are now extraordinarily popular for their convenience and portability, allowing enthusiasts to savor smooth cannabinoid-rich vapor while they are on the road.

But, a growing number of enthusiasts are choosing more advanced vaporizers as these too are evolving to become more efficient and generally enjoyable than they have been in the past. Desktop vaporizers are making a huge comeback as hardware brands are feeling the pressure to compete with portable device manufacturers, while at the same time technology is advancing in a way that allows desktop vaporizers to satisfy our needs on a whole new level.

And, if you’re willing to invest in a desktop model, you just may find by the end of this article that a forced air style is the way to go.

What is a Forced Air Vaporizer?

In short, a forced air vaporizer is a type of desktop vaporizer that relies on forced air to heat the product. This style of heating is known as convection, and yes, it’s the same convection that is used to heat food in convection ovens that sit on many of our countertops at home. The vaporizer device produces hot air, and a fan that’s built into the device propels this heat onto the product to “force” hot air onto it, which in turn allows it to convert into vapor. The fan allows the product to heat evenly and consistently, which ensures that each hit is just as satisfying as the last.

Forced Air Vaporizers vs. Whip-Style Vaporizers

Forced air vaporizers are one of two types of desktop vaporizers that you’ll find dominating today’s market, with the other being whip-style vaporizers. Whip-style vaporizers came first, as forced air models are newer to the market. So, what’s the difference, and which one is more preferable among vape enthusiasts?

Whip-style vaporizers utilize a whip attachment, which is essentially a long hose, and pulling on the mouthpiece of the whip forces hot air to blow over the herb. Because they are older, most whip-style vaporizers on the market have less advanced features than today’s technology allows for, such as precise temperature control. However, the general resurgence in desktop vaporizers means that some companies are offering more advanced models that come with lots of exciting features.

The main difference between these two styles of vaporizers, besides the way in which the product is heated as we have already described, is how the hits are fired. Whip-style vaporizers require that the user pulls on the whip to take in a hit, while forced air vaporizers produce vapor on their own so that the user does not need to pull hard to take it in. The difference is similar to that of buttonless and button-activated portable vaporizer devices, which many of us are used to. This means that forced air models are more efficient in this sense and require less effort from the user.

Key Advantages of Forced Air Vaporizers

So, why are forced air vaporizers considered superior to whip-style models? Let’s go over the reasons why, as there are in fact several.

Reason #1: More Consistency and Reliability

Forced air vaporizers tend to work more consistently and reliably due to the use of convection which consistently heats the flower while offering even heat distribution from the use of the internal fan. What this means is that, as we said before, each hit is the same as the last. Because the user doesn’t need to pull on the whip’s mouthpiece to produce a hit, there is less room for poor vapor quality due to subtle changes in how the user pulls from one hit to the next. The vapor is always abundant, flavorful and smooth, and the user does not need to put any effort into achieving this level of quality, as the vaporizer device itself does the work for them.

Reason #2: More Efficiency

Forced air vaporizers are more efficient in general. They tend to have better seals that prevent vapor from escaping. More importantly, the use of convection allows users to maximize their flower by ensuring that the buds are heated evenly to get as many puffs out of the flower as possible. Convection also prevents dry or burnt hits that are simply wastes of precious flower product.

Reason #3: Smoother, Cleaner Vapor

Serious vaporizer enthusiasts will tell you that the forced air yields smoother, cleaner vapor that is easier on the throat and lungs. The even heating and consistency provided by the internal fan prevents the vapor from becoming harsh or taking on an unpleasant burnt taste, so that each puff tastes clean and flavorful.

Reason #4: Effortless Hits

We said earlier that forced air vaporizers do not require that you pull on the mouthpiece to control the flow of vapor. What this means is that the user does not need to work as hard to take in the perfect cloud each time they’re ready for a puff.

Different Aspects to Look for in Forced Air Vaporizers

Forced air vaporizers are becoming quite popular, which means that there is a greater selection of them on the market than before. Here are some things to look for when choosing a model to take home.


Forced air vaporizers come in different sizes, so consider your storage capabilities when shopping. The size typically reflects the amount of power as well as the size of each hit.

Temperature Range

Most forced air vaporizers feature temperature control, but the range of temperature settings can differ from one model to the next. If you care greatly about the different temperature levels from which you can choose, pay attention to the range of a specific model.

Balloon vs. Whip Style

Some forced air vaporizers utilize a whip while others utilize a balloon. Again, the whip acts like a long hose that concentrates the vapor. A balloon is inflated by the vapor, with a small mouthpiece at the end from which you can inhale. Neither is objectively superior to the other, so simply choose a style based on which model is more appealing to you.

More Air Can Equate to Better Hits

The advanced technology and consistent capabilities behind forced air vaporizers are reminding vapers not to sleep on desktop models, and today you can find various forced air models that each offer satisfyingly smooth and efficient vaping experiences in their own special ways. If you’re ready to invest in a desktop vaporizer, consider going with a forced air design due to its unique advantages.