What are Dab Containers?

What are Dab Containers?

Posted by David Nadel on 4th Apr 2019

Switching to concentrates definitely takes some getting used to. Besides the fact that it often requires a different setup and a different routine of consumption, it can be a bit, well, messy. After all, dab is a waxy substance that seems to stick to absolutely everything. Carrying it around in your pocket during the day is absolutely out of the question and sticking it in a little bag doesn’t really cut it either.

Thankfully, that’s where dab containers come in. These small, portable containers are specially designed to make it extremely easy to store your concentrate throughout the day. Dab containers are made from non-stick materials, so you don’t have to worry about losing trace amounts of wax as you go on about your day.

These days, there are many different types of dab containers on the market, each boasting their own unique advantages and disadvantages. If you’re new to dabbing, you might feel a little overwhelmed given all of the possibilities. That’s why we’ve created this easy guide to help you decide how to choose the perfect dab container for your needs.

What’s a Dab Container?

A dab container is pretty self-explanatory. It’s simply a container for your wax. With dabbing becoming more and more popular, we’re now seeing a huge variety of dab containers made by respected vape brands. Today, you can choose between different materials, colors, sizes, shapes and more.

Why is a Having the Right Dab Container So Important?

Sure, it’s nice to have a dab container that looks cool, but ultimately you should be going for functionality. And, by that, we mean that your dab container should be made in a way that prevents your wax from sticking to it. After all, wax seems to want to stick to everything, meaning that you can lose a little bit each time you store it. Therefore, the right dab container has a completely non-stick surface so that all of your concentrate stays put.

Also, you want a dab container that promotes as mess-free an experience as possible. If your concentrate is getting stuck to the sides of your container, you’re going to find that simply taking it out of the container to vape it is quite a pain.

How Does One Choose the Right Dab Container for Their Needs?

Choosing the right dab container has a lot to do with personal preference. Like we said, the most important thing is that the surface really is non-stick. Glass and silicone tend to be the best choices when it comes to material. Also, we always suggest that you choose your container from a brand that’s trusted so that you know that it does its job properly.

Another thing to take into consideration is durability. After all, you want your container to last for a long time to come. If the container has hinges, make sure that they are made from sturdy materials. Otherwise, those hinges could pop off when you’re least expecting it, leaving you with quite a mess in your pocket.

The next thing to consider is size. Do you want to be able to fit your dab container in the pocket of your pants? Or, are you happy storing it in your backpack during the day? Because dab containers range in sizes, you can easily find one that takes care of your storage needs.

Also, are you storing just one type of concentrate, or do you like to have a nice variety with you when you’re on the road?

The final thing to take into consideration is appearance. Because dab containers come in all different shapes and colors, you should make sure that you find one that suits your personal style.

  • Silicone: Silicone dab containers are, obviously, made from silicone. This relatively affordable material is non-stick, making it perfect for holding your wax. Silicone is pretty durable, meaning you won’t have to worry about crushing or shattering your container.
  • Glass: Glass dab containers are bit more fragile, of course, but many love the luxurious nature of this material. Like silicone, glass is non-stick. Just know that you’ll have to be a bit more careful when handling a glass dab container. We don’t recommend keeping it in your pocket.
  • Multi-Slot: Multi-slot dab containers can be made from either wax or silicone. What makes them unique is that they have more than one slot, allowing you to store different concentrates at once. This is great for those who like to enjoy different strains at different times of the day.

Now You’re Ready to Enter the Dab World

The world of dab containers is almost as exciting as dabbing itself. With so many to choose from, you’re certain to find the container that’s perfect for your unique needs. Just make sure that you go with a high-quality product and you’re good to go.