Welcome to the World of Key Battery Terminologies

Welcome to the World of Key Battery Terminologies

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 21st Sep 2021

We herbal vapers are proud of our knowledge when it comes to the components of our setups. We can tell you all about the relationship between wattage and ohms, and how wax/oil or flowers can be vaped in certain setups. But, are we as on top of the lingo related to vape batteries as we are other vape-related terms?

For some reason, batteries don’t get nearly as much attention as other components of our vaping systems. Maybe it’s because the batteries, unlike our mods and tanks, can’t really be modified. However, knowing the lingo surrounding vape batteries is important if you want to buy the right batteries for your vaping device.

Knowing the Lingo is Important

We can’t vape without batteries. And, yet, so many of us don’t know basic terms like “mAh,” “voltage” and “integrated.” The truth is that as the vaping industry continues to evolve, there are more and more different kinds of devices on the market, and more devices means more types of batteries. Using the incorrect battery for your mod because you didn’t understand what the terminology meant can cost you a satisfying vaping session. It can even cost you your device as some batteries can seriously damage your mod if it’s incompatible with the technology that you’re using.

So, knowing the lingo is more crucial than it ever has been before. It will ensure that when the time comes for you to purchase a new vape battery, you’ll know exactly what you should be buying.

Key Terms Used in Regard to Vape Batteries

We have made a list of the most commonly used vape battery terminologies so that you can understand what to look for the next time you need to replace your batteries.

  • Capacity: Refers to the maximum amount of power that can be derived from your battery. It’s measured in milliampere hours, which is almost always abbreviated as “mAh.” When you purchase a battery, you’ll always see the mAh in the description. The more powerful the battery, the higher the capacity. This is why box mod setups require batteries with higher mAh levels, while pod mods tend to have far lower capacities.
  • Voltage: Quite simply, voltage is the amount of power that can be supplied to your device. It’s often abbreviated as “V,” and you’ll always see it in a product description. The voltage level doesn’t vary all that much between different batteries.
  • Wattage: A measure of electrical power, and it’s measured in watts. The amount of watts that your device can reach is directly influenced by the voltage of your battery. So, wattage doesn’t necessarily describe your battery, but it is dependent on the battery that you choose. For example, the higher the wattage level of your vaping device, the higher the voltage of the battery must be.
  • Integrated: Simply batteries that are built into mods. For instance, almost every pod mod on the market has an integrated battery.
  • 18650 Batteries: Most common size of batteries used in box mods.
  • Dual Batteries: The term “dual” simply refers to a device that requires two batteries rather than one.
  • Connection: Strip of metal on the device that touches the battery.

Know These Terms for a Better Herbal Vaping Experience!

It’s safe to say that knowing the battery-related lingo of your mod is important. We tend to take our batteries for granted, forgetting that without them, we wouldn’t be able to vape at all. The next time you need to grab a new battery for your vaping device, reference this article to make sure that you know what all of those words in the descriptions mean.