Warm vs. Cool Vapor For Herbal or Wax Vaping

Warm vs. Cool Vapor For Herbal or Wax Vaping

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 7th Mar 2022

Whether you’re vaping dry herb or wax, most devices allow you to choose from a variety of output levels, according to temperature, voltage or wattage. What all three of these types of settings do is select the temperature that heats the product inside the chamber, which in turn converts the product into smooth and flavorful vapor.

Anyone who has experimented with different output settings in the past knows that the level you select determines how warm or cool the vapor feels as it passes through the mouth and into the lungs. And, the warmth of the vapor doesn’t just have to do with the sensation you feel, but, affects a lot of aspects of how you experience your vaping session.

Cool Vapor

Cool vapor is going to occur when you are operating your device at a lower temperature, wattage or voltage. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the vapor will be cold, but it means that you’ll notice that it doesn’t feel warmer than the temperature inside your mouth as it makes its way into the lungs. We can’t give an exact output setting that gives you cooler vapes because each device has its own unique settings and presets, and also because at the end of the day, how cool the vapor feels is somewhat subjective.

Easier on Your Throat: Cooler vapor is obviously going to be easier on the throat, which is great if you’re someone who easily coughs when inhaling those clouds. In fact, the coolness can actually feel quite refreshing in its own right.

Less Concentrated: Cooler vapor is also less concentrated vapor, since less of the compounds in the product are lifted each time a hit is fired. So, you’ll have thinner and less fragrant clouds, which is great if you’re trying to vape as discreetly as possible.

Milder Flavor: Cooler vapes typically deliver a milder flavor, since the terpenes aren’t getting heated enough for their flavor notes to really blossom. If flavor is important to you, keep that in mind.

Less Risk of Burning: With cool vapor, there’s less risk of burning your product since you’re not letting it get hot enough for the compounds to exceed their burning point. This means less risk of waste.

Less Potent: Because you’re not getting as powerful hits with cooler vapor, the hits will be less potent, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on your tolerance and goals when vaping.

Warm Vapor

The higher your output setting, the warmer the vapor will be, and if you go with the highest setting of all, it can be almost hot. We do want to quickly mention that if what you crave is warm vapor, that doesn’t mean that you should automatically go to the highest output setting as this can risk burning your product, as the highest setting may not be compatible with the specific nature of your wax or dry herb. So, what does warm vapor offer?

Stronger Potency: The warmer your vapor, the more vapor is produced, and the more of those compounds you’ll be taking into the body. What this means is that a really warm hit of vapor is probably going to be extremely potent, so you’ll want to be a little more conscious of pacing yourself.

More Risk of Coughing: Not everyone wants warm vapes, not because they’re too potent but because they’re harsh. It’s really hard to get around the fact that the warmer the vapor, the more likely it is to make you cough since that warmth can irritate your throat, combined with the higher compound density.

Very Concentrated: You’ll notice that warmer clouds of vapor are thicker as well, if you’re the type of vaper who enjoys some good old cloud-chasing.

Stronger Flavor: The flavor of warm vapor is likely to be stronger, but only up to a certain point. Cooking those terpenes at a higher temperature will definitely bring out their flavor, but just going overboard with the settings can lead to actually burning the terpenes instead.

Risk of Burning Your Product: You are more likely to burn your herb or concentrate if you’re using too high of a temperature, and once what’s inside the chamber is burned, its compounds are no longer capable of giving you their known effects.

Warm or Cool Vapes? It’s Up to You!

Warm and cool vapes both come with plenty of advantages and some minor disadvantages. The bottom line is that whether you’re a dry herb or wax enthusiasts, everyone has their personal sweet spot, and once they find it, they know that they’re going to enjoy nothing but the most blissful pulls of vapor possible. So, we encourage you to experiment with warm and cool output settings to discover what works best for you.