Vaporizer Pipe

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 7th Jun 2021

A vaporizer pipe is not really a real dry herb vaporizer pipe. There is no pipe shaped vaporizer that you can just pack your dry herbs, press a button and start vaping them. However there are other types of vaporizers that can come off or passed as a vaporizer pipe. The Vapor Genie Pipe Vaporizer and Click n Vape Torch Butane Vaporizer are the two that automatically come to mind. One of definitely shaped like a pipe but need a lighter to be used and the other is a straight pipe filled with butane and your favorite herbs. Ironically, they both will probably need butane to work and no batteries are needed.

All Vapor Genie Pipe VaporizerVapor Genie Pipe Vaporizer

The Vapor Genie Pipe Vaporizer is a pipe looking piece that lets you pack a bowl and use a lighter to carefully vaporize the herbs. It has a two piece design where the upper bowl is a flame filter which helps it vaporize as it is the main reason why it vaporizes. When you unscrew it you can pack your bowl of dry herbs. The best part we like this over a vaporizer is only because running out of batteries is impossible. Just go to a liquor store and purchase another lighter. The main disadvantage to the vapor genie vaporizer pipe is that you can’t see your herbal bowl so you have to keep unscrewing the chamber to check it. Another downside is that you have no temperature control like you do with other vaporizers that are a couple bucks more like the G Pro Vaporizer. Want to know the major advantage of it? It has a lifetime warranty on it even with a small price point.

Vapor Genie Do's and Dont's

How the Vapor Genie Pipe Vaporizer works:

Vaporizer Pipe Genie Diagram

So how the Vapor Genie Pipe Vaporizer works is very simple but can take some time to get used too. Make sure your herbs are ground up and pack them into your herbal chamber. Allow the flame to go into the top bowl while you SLOWLY inhale from the mouthpiece. Make sure the flame from the lighter never touches the silicon carbide disc which sits in the top bowl. The disc dissipates heat which if it hits the disc, it will reduce the effectiveness. If you keep having the flame touch the disc over and over, it will clog the filter. It is also recommended not to use a butane lighter and use an electric torch.

Click n Vape Torch Butane Vaporizer

The Click n Vape Torch Butane Vaporizer is a portable dry herb vaporizer that looks like a pipe. Matter of fact when you unscrew the middle part, you realize it’s something Mario and Luigi might use for plumbing. The Click n Vape starts the vaporization process with a click of a button like many of our other portable vapes. The difference with this one is it requires butane and no batteries. Many people question the butane part and wonder if it’s safe. With vapes like this, yes it is because the inner flame kills all butane before it gets through the mouthpiece. You will not even taste or smell it. It even has 4 holes for the butane to escape through as a last resort.

How the Click n Vape Butane Vaporizer works:

Click n Vape Torch Butane Vaporizer

The Click n Vape is another easy vaporizer to use. First fill up the bottom with your butane. Make sure to put the nozzle of the butane directly into the copper middle piece of the Click n Vape. Let it soak in for about a minute then go ahead and click the button to light it. Make sure the safety isn’t in the off position so the button easily clicks down. You will see a pipe that screws open and becomes two. Leave the bottom one screwed into the portable dry herb vaporizer and open the top one. The mouthpiece should be attached to the bottom chamber on top which is now exposed. This is your herbal chamber which will have a mesh screen on the bottom. This mesh screen is where your ground up herbs will go. Make sure it’s not too fine or else it will seep through. Keeping your click n vape right side up at all times, close the top chamber and light away.

Vaporizer Pipe

Vaporizer pipes are not very common in vaporizers but they do make for some great vapes. A vaporizer isn’t necessary an electronic gadget that vaporizes your dry herbs, concentrates or vape juices but rather one that vaporizes it efficiently. Vaporizers are here to stay and they are only getting better.