Vapes & Grinders, A Necessary Pairing

Vapes & Grinders, A Necessary Pairing

Posted by David Nadel on 8th Jul 2019

Using a vaporizer is just one of many ways to consume a dry herb product. It also happens to be the cleanest and arguably the most effective way as well. From either perspective, it’s of the utmost importance to grind the herb as finely as possible when putting it into the vaporizer's chamber, so as to ensure the highest quality experience. If the herb is not properly ground, not only are you wasting the herb, but it can wear down and slowly damage the actual device, too. This is the last thing you want, given that a nice quality vaporizer can usually cost in the $60-$360 range!


Now, when it comes to choosing a herbal grinder, there are several options available. Ranging in size, color, material and even the number of pieces it comes with. You also have the option of choosing an electric or manual style. While the manual is usually the way to go, electric ones can be nice for saving some time if you need to grind a large amount of herb, or for someone that suffers from arthritis and has trouble gripping or twisting objects.


The process of grinding the herb for use in the vaporizer is very simple.

  • Depending on the size of the grinder. It’s generally a good idea to break or tear the herb up into smaller pieces as you place them into the grinder. However, depending on the texture of your herb, you may not even need to do this step.
  • Next, close the grinder with your herb inside and simply begin twisting. There will be resistance at first, but as you continue to twist you will feel the resistance lessening more and more until eventually there is little to none. This means your herb is fully ground and ready to be put into the vaporizer.

Always, always, always grind the herb first!

One final thing to note, if your grinder has a chamber for the fallen pollen, it is usually best left alone until the pollen has had time to build up and accumulate before removing it. Because it’s almost as fine as dust, there won't be much to collect even after a few uses. Otherwise, these are the necessary steps to take when using a dry herb vaporizer.