Vapers Tongue

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 7th Jun 2021

Yes, vapers tongue is a nasty experience that is uncomfortable, but alas, it is not unbearable, nor irreversible. It is way more common than people have acknowledged it to this malaise of numb, no-taste, and hairy-tongued sensation has been happening to people way before we were vaping. There is a plethora of aggravating conditions that instigate its development. Vapers tongue is a new term which is also called "Olfactory Fatigue" It seems that the only real established relation Olfactory Fatigue actually has to Vaping is the fact that some people just need a reason to hate what someone else might enjoy.

Vapers Tongue

Vaping is still a relatively new pleasurable pastime and some people are still understandably antsy about its effects. That is why the concept of vaping rendering the vapers tongue has generated such commotion on multiple levels; some have chosen anti-smoking as their platform to save-the-world. It doesn’t matter if it is Vaping—it is still ‘Smoking’ which is the same to them and they will jump at any occasion to defame it. They are adamant in their refusal of vaping being a safer, more environmentally friendly avenue of indulging our nicotine habits; therefore, they went over-the-top to blame this temporary effect called the vapers tongue as a form of negative means. Some people just enjoy herbal vaporizers as a healthier way to enjoy their dry herbs.

Realistically, this is not a new condition that has developed primarily from vaping. It has been happening to people for years for a variety of reasons. You can develop Olfactory Fatigue as a consequence from various activities or conditions such as over indulging on spicy foods, allergies, medications, medical conditions, irritants in the atmosphere, tobacco, eating food that was too hot, etc., the numerous causes are common and endless.

The general public doesn’t acknowledge the prior existence of vapors tongue because they need a reason to justify their opposition, along with the fact that vapers have been so vocal about this ‘condition’. That has given the ‘naysayers’ some ammunition to smear vaping as well as being the main reason Olfactory Fatigue got re-named as vapers Tongue.

The real truth is, vapers have not been so vocal about the vapers tongue as a complaint, nor really even a sustained ‘WARNING’. The comments and conversations that have generated from this was set in an FYI tone for the next guy who is enjoying the pleasure and convenience of his/her rig. It is merely a heads-up forums that shared the concept. If you do not variate your flavors, blends, or quantity every-so-often, then hey, this may happen to you too.

Simple as that, those who are already in-the-know want to alleviate the concerns and let other vapers know that there is an association with vaping and Olfactory fatigue, but it is not a reason to dispose of your rig, apparatus, or give up your pleasure of this particular pastime since there is an upside. Although you possibly could experience this inconvenient side-effect, you can be reassured that this it is a temporary condition that usually ranges from a few days to the span of a week, without treatment but there aren’t any documented long-term consequences thus far.

Fixing Vapers Tongue

Prevention of Vapers Tongue:

In actuality this is merely just the method that your mouth uses to let you know it REALLY needs some flavor variety. Vapers tongue is just a break-down of the taste buds from too much repetitive stimulation of the same flavor. It may be that the quantity you are consuming may literally be more than your mouth can handle, or the blend may be too strong, or the setting of your rig may be too high. There are also the aggravating conditions of damaged oral tissue (hence the heat-hot or overly spicy food effect), or the all-to- familiar side-effects of a stuffy nose; which is totally self-explanatory.

Up-on reiteration we have mentioned that you can decrease the intake level on your rig, tweak the potency of your juice blend, or simply rotate the flavors that you vape as a means of reducing your risk of developing Vapor's tongue. Beyond that drinking water before, during, and especially directly after vaping will help alleviate the buildup of tar, chemicals, and stale flavor. You can also use any form of mouth rinse, glycerin swabs, or even chew gum to help stimulate your oral tissue for more rapid regeneration and naturally elevate your saliva production. It is also recommended that you clean your rig and its accessories frequently. All of these tips will help keep your taste buds at peak performance for maximum enjoyment.

Treatments for Vapers Tongue:

If you do develop vapers tongue, there are measures that will escalate your recovery time so that you can get back to enjoying your flavor. Brushing your entire moth thoroughly two or three times a day will stimulate new tissue growth and increase the blood flow to the tissue. You can also go to the old ‘stand-by’s’ like rinsing your mouth a few times a day with warm salt water or hydrogen peroxide diluted with water. It is also suggested that you elevate your vitamin c levels by infusing any source of citrus juice or fruit into your diet in-between vaping. All of these methods will help your oral tissue regenerate and renew so that you will be restored back to normal consistent tasting performance.