Vape Life: The Difference Between E-Liquid and Oil Vape

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 9th Jul 2015

We’ve come to the new age of smoking. We’ve realized the health risks of smoking, whether tobacco or herbs, are making ways to avoid the risks by illuminating the smoke. This has been made possible by the creation of the electronic vaporizer. An electronic vaporizer is a device made to not only have less chemical compounds then a cigarette, but it also has no second hand smoke. In comparison to a cigarette or a joint, the smell of a vaporizer is fruity or not very noticeable. Vaporizer pens are handy, less expensive than cigarette packs, and have helped people quit cigarette addiction.

There are many questions asked about what the difference is between oil and e-liquid vaporizers. Let’s start first with explaining what e-liquid is. E-liquid is man-made juice used to cause the vaporizer to produce vapor. Most e-juices are made of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Distilled Water, added flavoring, and Nicotine. PG is an organic compound that causes the vape smoke to appear. We use it in smoke machines for effects. VG is also a base compound for e-liquids and is made up of vegetable oils. Using only Proplylen Glycol would cause the throat to hurt. Vegetable Glycerin is thicker than Proplylen Glycol and helps the vaporizer have a smoother inhale. Distilled water also helps as an active ingredient to smooth the harshness of the vaporizer. Lastly, most juices have added flavoring made of artificial and or organic food flavorings.

For the cigarette smoker, most juices contain nicotine, the highly addictive additive to cigarettes. You can purchase e-juices with different strengths of nicotine. Many people do this to help quit their addiction to nicotine completely by using less and less as they progress over the course of time. Nicotine is like caffeine, but it has no signs of causing cancer.

Every vape pen is built among a coil, a cotton wick which is heated up by the coil, and a e-liquid or oil chamber. So what is an oil vaporizer? An oil vaporizer is for smoking oil. Many people who use dry herbs, whether for recreation or medicinal purposes, have also decided to try to take the "smoking aspect" out of their behavior. Oil pens heat up similar to the e-liquid, except the oil pens have a metal or steel heat plate that heats by the coil and gets red hot which causes the oil to vaporize.

Vaporizers have pros and cons like anything. They can either help you quit or they can make you smoke more in the justification that it won't cause cancer. Many people become more addicted to nicotine. It’s up to the individual to control how frequent he or she decides to vape. Enjoy!