Touchscreen or Simplistic Portable Vaporizers: You Decide!

Touchscreen or Simplistic Portable Vaporizers: You Decide!

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 21st Jun 2021

The world of portable vaporizers is always evolving, with more intricate and advanced technological features than ever before, enabling us to better enjoy our favorite wax, oil and dry herb products conveniently and in a straightforward, user-friendly way. One of the most exciting advancements by far is that of the touch screen, which may seem like a vanity feature on the surface but can greatly improve the user-friendliness of these devices as well as how they function. 

Still, like all features that you will find on modern vaporizer devices, there are pros and cons, and therefore a user must know whether or not this technology is compatible with their ultimate needs and priorities when it comes to purchasing and maintaining a device.

Touchscreen Vaporizers

Touchscreen vaporizers are pretty new to the market. The first touchscreen technology used for a vaporizer device was developed a couple of years ago by a brand that makes hardware for vaping devices compatible with nicotine products. Since then, this technology has slowly crept into the world of dry herb, wax, and oil vaporizers, and is still relatively rare compared to more traditional vaporizer interfaces, although the trend is quickly catching on.

The touchscreen on a vaporizer device allows us to set specific functions and check stats like battery life by simply pressing on the screen. The process is no different than operating a smartphone. Remember, a touchscreen-based device does not necessarily have more features than a traditional portable vaporizer.

#1: Possibly Longer-Lasting

You may be surprised to learn that devices that utilize a touchscreen have the potential to last longer than their conventional counterparts. Any type of device that utilizes buttons to perform specific functions, including cell phones and audio equipment, can lose functionality altogether because of the controls below the buttons which get worn down due to constant pushing, combined with the somewhat inevitable introduction of debris below.

Touchscreen technology is thus more than a façade, as it allows the controls of the device to be far more resilient. The controls are completely protected as they are not exposed to constant force, nor are they capable of accumulating debris and residue that ultimately interferes with their functionality. This also means that there is no risk of water getting into the controls through the tiny cracks between the buttons and the device, which can be immensely helpful to those who are prone to getting their devices wet.

#2: Operated More Intuitively

Touchscreen technology is more visually-based and can therefore be utilized more easily by users. The controls are generally larger, brighter, and have more visual information. There is no need to learn which buttons control what, as you click on the clear functions on the touchscreen that are completely intuitive. This means that they are more beginner-friendly, and generally easier to use.

#3: Less Maintenance

Because of the nature of touchscreen technology, less maintenance is required. A good deal of time is spent cleaning the buttons of a device, carefully removing any dust or gunk that may have gotten around them, which can threaten their functionality over time. A touchscreen is a completely smooth and consistent surface which requires only a quick wipe down.

#4: Easier to Read

Touchscreens are by default larger than most display screens on conventional devices. This means that the actual text on them, or the icons, are larger as well. This can be very helpful to those who have poorer eyesight than average, who struggle to read the smaller text on other types of vaporizers. As we said earlier, touchscreens also tend to be brighter, which can aid in their readability.

#5: Luxury Technology

It can’t be denied that touchscreen technology adds a layer of luxury to a device, and their aesthetic value is a valid reason for preferring this type of vaporizer. They look high-tech, and lend themselves to sleeker and more sophisticated-looking hardware that’s easy on the eyes.

Simplistic Portable Vaporizers

Simplistic portable vaporizers are vaporizer devices that use more analog-style technology when it comes to adjusting settings. This can range from a simple voltage dial all the way to a series of adjustment buttons that are guided by a small display screen using LCD, TFT or OLED technology. Rather than pressing on the screen, you press the adjustment buttons and watch the display screen inform you on how the device has been adjusted.

#1: More Power-Efficient

One benefit of this type of device is that it’s ultimately more power-efficient. Touchscreen technology utilizes more battery power than more simplistic means of adjustments. Therefore, you will have to charge your battery more frequently when using a touchscreen device.

#2: Tactile

Some people prefer the tactile nature of adjustment buttons and dials. You do not need to look at the screen to make the adjustments, as you develop muscle memory quickly and remember how to simply click buttons or turn a dial to change the functions.

#3: Less Likely to Accidentally Change Your Settings

One thing with touchscreen devices is that you may accidentally change your settings by accident. Just placing your hand in the wrong place can change the way in which your vaporizer operates, and if you’re not careful, you can change the settings by accident when the device is in your pocket or purse.

The Portable Vaporizer Device Type Choice is Yours

Ultimately, touchscreen technology and more analog-based technology have their place in the vaporizer world. That being said, the choice is yours. At Vaporizer Chief, we offer both types of devices so that you can find the technology that best suits your needs.