Top Five Portable Vaporizers For Flower In 2019

Top Five Portable Vaporizers For Flower In 2019

Posted by Brian Rudderow on 27th Mar 2019

At Vaporizer Chief, we have been thoroughly testing out and reviewing the very best portable vaporizers on the market since 2013. After six years of sampling and reviewing the top herb vapes we have put together the following comprehensive list of the top five portable vaporizers on sale in 2019 for flower.

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Number 1 - Seshgear Commute

The Seshgear Commute is one of most affordable dry herb vaporizers that still manages to impress with fantastic functionality. This tiny unit comes with a price tag of just $62.50 but is extremely well built, as it boasts delicious cloud production. The fact that this device utilizes true convection heating via its pure ceramic chamber is amazing given its low price point! Some other features that are bound to stun consumers include the Seshgear's hefty oven size of 0.35 grams, easy facility of use, and the stealth factor. With a height of barely four inches, users can enjoy sessions discreetly and without fuss.

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Number 2 - X-Max Starry V3

The XMax Starry V3 came out in January 2019, and it effortlessly stands out from its competitors. This gorgeous portable dry herb vape is a budget unit with a retail price of $99.95, yet it has the same features as mid to high-end products. XVape made several notable improvements and changes from the unit's predecessor, the X-Max Starry V2 which include an improved mouthpiece with an internal mesh screen, haptic feedback, and enhanced oven insulation for optimal and even heating of herb. 

The product also offers full precision digital temperature control with a range of 212 to 464 degrees Fahrenheit! Finding this feature in budget vaporizers is always appreciated since the majority of units selling for under $100 tend to opt for pre-set temperature control settings instead.

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Number 3 - Boundless CF

The Boundless CF is third on our list of the top portable dry herb vaporizers of 2019 for its stellar build, vapor quality, and low price point. It must also be stated that users will never go wrong with a Boundless product since this brand is well-established and has always crafted quality vapes. Now let's get into everything that the Boundless CF does right!

The Boundless CF combines its isolated vapor path with a hybrid (convection & conduction) heating system to consistently produce dense, milky and flavorful clouds. It has a fully ceramic heating chamber which is capable of holding large amounts of flower, and users will definitely be pleased with the unit's versatility since it comes equipped with a concentrate pad for those that want to enjoy both flower and waxes.

As far as temperature control goes, the Boundless CF is fairly basic but does allow for some flexibility. It has five pre-set temperature selections which include 355 degrees, 370 degrees, 385 degrees, 400 degrees, and 415 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Boundless CF will be the ideal purchase for consumers that want a vape that is built-like a beast (think poly-carbonate design!), capable of thick cloud production, but also affordable. This brick-house vape is currently retailing for $119.95 and has continually withstood the test of time.

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Number 4 - Davinci IQ

The Davinci IQ is a high-end device for consumers looking for that delicate balance between affordability and quality. It was released in 2016 but it maintains its position as one of the best units out there, even now in 2019. One of the most portable and discreet units on the market, it stands at just 3.5 inches in height and it was crafted with a sleek and elegant design.

The Davinci IQ gets accolades for its use of a pure ceramic zirconium construction for maximum flavor, and fantastic features which include haptic feedback, app integration for precision temperature control, smart-path technology/multiple modes of vaping, and wonderful versatility (Yes, it's compatible with concentrates!). With a retail value of $274.99, this vape is a great choice for consumers that aren't afraid to spend just a bit more for optimal vapor quality. 

Number 5 - Mighty Vaporizer

The fifth best portable vape for flower in 2019 that is a must have on any "best unit" list fantastic Mighty Vaporizer. This is the third device on our list to feature haptic feedback sensing for maximum performance and convenience. More importantly, is the Mighty is the reigning champion when it comes to high quality vapor, and it's been around forever. This unit is saddled with a hefty price tag of $379, but it is a must-have for users that want the premium of the premium. One highly noteworthy feature of The Mighty is its use of double lithium ion batteries which makes the actual usage times last much longer than other competing devices from around the industry.

One accessory that comes with the Mighty that is sure to delight users is the filling tool (which is basically a fancy grinder) that allows users to grind up their herbs and conveniently place them inside of the herb chamber without any hassles or headaches.  The herb chamber on this vape is absolutely huge when compared against other competing devices from around the industry, so that's definitely something that should be taken into consideration searching for a top tier portable herb vape to purchase in 2019.