Top 5 Vaporizer Brands to Know When Shopping for Vape Hardware

Top 5 Vaporizer Brands to Know When Shopping for Vape Hardware

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 28th Nov 2021

If you’ve decided that you are ready to trade in your analog setup for a vaporizer device, you have come to the right place. At Vaporizer Chief, we’re known for our absolutely enormous selection of premium vaporizer devices from the most trusted hardware manufacturers in the industry, offering high-tech yet user-friendly ways to enjoy your favorite waxes, oils and dry herbs. These devices combine convenience with the latest in vaping technology to deliver nothing but excellent performance, glorious flavor and a more discreet, travel-friendly way to enjoy your sessions throughout the day.

Which Vaporizer Brands are Really the Best?

When shopping for new vaporizer hardware, there are some brands in particular that are worth checking out, all of whom are carried at Vaporizer Chief. These brands have maintained solid reputations for years, because they carry the most reliable, durable, customizable, and user-friendly vaporizers that you will find anywhere.

#5: Storz n Bickel

Storz n Bickel is a staple of the vaping hardware industry, and they first hit it big 20 years ago with the now-iconic Volcano desktop vaporizer device. They’ve since continued to deliver highly sophisticated and phenomenally efficient vaporizers ranging from the more advanced desktop models to extremely travel-friendly portables, with a German sensibility for top-quality technology that’s built to last.

The Mighty+ is the perfect example of their deep understanding of vapers’ needs, as it’s a high-performance hybrid vaporizer that has the distinction of offering both conduction and convection-based heating styles. Meanwhile, the Volcano remains a top seller thanks to its trusty dependability and out-of-this-world performance.

#4: Yocan

Based in China, Yocan has gone above and beyond to raise the standards of portable vaporizers throughout the industry, and their first contribution to the market was the Evolve, which utilizes a quartz heating element to take performance to new heights. The brand has since expanded to offer a wide range of handheld devices for dry herb, oil and wax, with each one striking the perfect balance between simplicity of design and absolutely stunning features.

With a clear dedication to flawless craftsmanship, they are always coming up with new ways to give vapers the customizable options they crave while keeping the technology as portable as can be for maximum convenience. Take the Hive 2.0, a vape pen that is compatible with both waxes and oils, offering variable voltage options all while fitting into virtually any pocket.

#3: Arizer

Offering both desktop and portable models, Arizer focuses their attention on dry herb vaporizers, and their specialty in this specific area has changed the entire dry herb vaporizer industry by greatly raising the standards of what’s expected from this genre of devices. The Arizer Air is quite simply one of the most portable dry herb vaporizes on the entire market, and it was first launched in 2015. It’s renowned for its ability to deliver some of the best flavor imaginable, with a stunningly advanced ventilator system that keeps your herbs cool and smooth.

The XQ2, by comparison, is one of the most beloved desktop vaporizers of today, with ceramic-based convection heating and some of the best airflow technology ever created for nothing but absolutely blissful clouds. A remote control offers incredible convenience to the vaper, allowing them to access different settings and functions more easily than ever before.

#2: Puffco

A name that just about everyone will recognize is Puffco, as they’ve launched several of the all-time best sellers on the vaporizer market. The Puffco Plus Vape Pen is one of their most innovative contributions, with a coil-less, ceramic nail-based handheld vape pen design that offers a convection-based heating style for luxurious performance. But perhaps their most popular device is the Puffco Peak, with a generous selection of easily accessible heating modes, a modern, sophisticated design, intelligent temperature calibration and exceptional heat-up time.

The brand specializes in dabbing hardware, allowing users all kinds of new and exciting ways to savor their favorite concentrates while being fully in charge of their experience in terms of output, flavor control and more. Thanks to Puffco, dabbers can customize their sessions whether they’re at home or on the go.

#1: Boundless

Sine 2016, Boundless has been consistently launching game-changing hardware, such as the Tera V3 which offers 3-in-1 technology to be compatible with waxes, oils and flower all at once, through the user of various output settings and a hybrid convection-based heating system. Their devices are extremely portable, and vapers are always amazed by how much power such small pieces of equipment are capable of producing. The Terp Pen XL, for instance, is renowned for its ability to offer huge clouds all while being an extremely compact dabbing device.

Boundless is a brand that is always updating their catalog with never-before-seen technological features that really advance the industry as a whole. Their reputation for reliability also goes a long way, as customers know that they can count on the brand’s hardware to last for ages, while never faltering in performance. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they offer some of the most aesthetically pleasing hardware, either.

Which Vaporizer Brand is Right for You?

These 5 brands offer some of the finest in vaporizer hardware, with innovative products that answer to the many needs that today’s vapers have. At Vaporizer Chief, you can find a rich selection of high-quality vaporizers, ranging from the most beginner-friendly to the most advanced, plus many, many more.