Tips to Avoid Wax and Oil Buildup in Your Vaporizer’s Tank/Chamber

Tips to Avoid Wax and Oil Buildup in Your Vaporizer’s Tank/Chamber

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 7th Sep 2020

Whether you’re an occasional vaper or a heavy-duty wax or oil enthusiast who enjoys several hits throughout the day, it’s important that you know the ins and outs of your vaporizer so that you can maintain it properly. With any type of technology that you rely on regularly, some level of maintenance is required to keep it functioning as it should, and this is especially true when it comes to vaporizers intended for vaping wax or oil.

One issue that a lot of vapers run into at some point or another is buildup of wax or oil that interferes with the function of the tank. If you’re vaping wax or oil, you’ll almost definitely experience buildup at some point, and this can make it extremely difficult to use your setup at all.

The Problem with Buildup

Many of us underestimate just how much wax or oil buildup can be problematic. Each time we fire a hit, we’re burning that wax or oil, and this leaves behind a trace amount of gunk. Over time, that gunk will accumulate and cover crucial parts of the tank, leading to a variety of problems.

One way in which buildup is disruptive to a satisfying vaping experience is that it interferes with airflow by covering strategically placed airflow holes. This will make it exceedingly difficult to get a good hit of smooth and steady vapor when you fire your device. Buildup can also coat the wick of the coil, preventing fresh oil or wax from absorbing properly in order to vaporize.

One of the first signs of buildup is struggling to get a good hit. You’ll sense that there’s a clog that’s stopping the vapor from entering the mouthpiece freely. If you’ve experienced this before, you’ve likely found that puffing on the device repeatedly without firing it breaks up the clog. But, in many cases, that same buildup is causing systemic issues with the function of your vaping system.

Avoiding Buildup: The Best Tips According to Vaping Experts

Now, let’s look at the ways in which you can avoid buildup so that you can freely enjoy smooth and easy vaping for a long time to come.

Tip #1: Use the Right Hardware

Believe it or not, a lot of vapers are using hardware that is not compatible with wax or oil. They think that as long as the vaporizer consists of a tank and a battery, that it can vaporize anything. The reality is that wax and oil have unique needs, and therefore require specialized devices. So, when choosing the right device for your product, make sure that you read the manufacturer’s description to know that it’s compatible. Some devices are only for wax, and some are only for oil. Then, there are setups out there that are designed for both.

Tip #2: Clean, High-Quality Wax and Oil Matter

Another culprit is the quality of the wax or oil. You’d be surprised by how low-quality wax and oil products can cause excessive buildup. A lot of times, this has to do with the ingredients in the formula that aren’t cannabis-derived. For example, many oils contain sugars that add to the flavor profile, but sugar notoriously gunks up when heated by a coil. Also, some lower-quality extraction methods lead to small amounts of additives that aren’t really great for vaporizing, as they burn and create a film along the interior of the tank.

Tip #3: Regular Maintenance is Key

Of course, regular maintenance is always the best preventative. You should clean your tank regularly – weekly is best for most daily users. This involves emptying the tank, taking it apart and washing each component before putting it back together once it’s dry.

Tip #4: Know the Right Output Level for Your Product

Sometimes, buildup is caused by using inappropriate output levels for the product you’re using. A big and quite common mistake is operating your device at a wattage or voltage level that’s so high; it’s burning the compounds and causing gunk to develop.

Tip #5: Heat is Your Friend

Finally, know that in many cases, heat can deal with even the toughest buildup issues. By either dry-burning your product or applying heat from an outside source like a heat gun, you can likely melt the buildup so that it can easily be removed from the inside of the tank.

Limit Buildup to Continue Your Wax/Oil Vaping Sessions

Buildup is one of the most common causes for a malfunctioning vape tank/chamber, and as you can see, there are many circumstances which increase the chance of your tank getting gunked up. Luckily, there are just as many means for avoiding this issue altogether. Knowing how to take care of your hardware and use it properly has a lot to do with how often you’ll run into this common problem.