Replacing a Part on Your Vaporizer

Replacing a Part on Your Vaporizer

Posted by David Nadel on 28th Dec 2019

Having a dry herb vaporizer, whether it be portable or desktop, is one of those modern conveniences that we take for granted. For so many users, being able to vaporize our herb in a way that allows us to customize our experience and enjoy smoother, more discreet hits is quite a dramatic upgrade from the way that things used to be. But, as any vaporizer user knows, there’s one tiny drawback to consuming herb in this manner, and it’s having to maintain your setup.

Of course, maintenance is pretty low, so calling it a drawback is a bit of an overstatement. The key is knowing when you need to replace certain parts, as once a part of your setup is on its way out, you won’t get the satisfying experience that you desire.

So, how do you know when it’s time to change a part of your vaporizer? Well, follow this guide to find out.


Batteries need to be replaced regularly, and there’s no getting around that. Even the best battery in the world is going to die out eventually. Mind you, here, we’re talking about removable, rechargeable batteries. Most vaporizers these days take lithium-ion batteries that are sold separately.

When your battery is on its way out, you’ll be able to tell because your device won’t be able to hold a charge like it once did. Rather than lasting all day, your battery may last for only a couple of sessions. When this happens, simply throw out your old batteries and purchase new ones.


Mouthpieces should be replaced from time to time as they eventually become worn out and dirty from constant use. Mouthpieces are relatively easy to replace as they’re widely available. Once your mouthpiece seems to be difficult to clean, it’s time to throw it out.


The chamber is a very important part of your setup as without it, you can’t enjoy your herb. The chamber should last for a long time as long as it’s made with quality materials like quartz or ceramic. But, after a while, it will need to be replaced. Chambers can get gunked up or clogged after a while due to regular use. If your hits seem to be less fresh-tasting or less full, consider switching this piece out with a replacement from the same company.


If your vaporizer utilizes separate coils, you’ll need to change those regularly. Coils last for a shorter period of time than any other component of your setup. Once your hits become dry or weak, you’ll want to buy a new coil from the manufacturer of your setup.

The Device Itself

The vaporizer device itself is the most expensive component, and luckily, it should last for a very long time. But, eventually, your device will likely need to be replaced, as is the nature of any type of electronic device. There are a few different signs that your device needs to be replaced, in fact. One is that you’re getting error messages constantly. This can mean the circuitry is dying. Or, maybe it’s showing structural issues due to overuse, such as an inability to properly connect to the battery. When your device needs to be replaced, make sure to replace it with one that’s reliable and well-constructed.

Your Vaporizer Setup is Only as Good as Each of Its Parts

Hence, having a part that’s no longer functioning properly can greatly inhibit your ability to enjoy your herb. However, you can simply use this guide to know when it’s time to replace a part so that you can go back to feeling satisfied while you vape.