​Quick Start Guide to Firefly 2+

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 11th Sep 2019

The FireFly 2+ was easily one of the most anticipated arrivals of the 2019. The FireFly brand has been well known to the market since early 2013, and they continue to make strides in the development of new and innovative vaporizers every year. Always looking to upgrade from preceding units, their latest release, the FireFly 2 Plus is better priced, easier to use and even more attractive than the original. Like many users, you may be eager to get to business and start chasing clouds. If you don't feel like investing energy into learning the specifics of cleaning/maintenance or researching the product in depth, this mini guide was written to help you to use the FireFly 2+ without any delay.

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The FireFly 2 plus is an intuitive device and it feels very natural to use. The device is sleek, pleasing to the eye and extremely easy to handle; it features a magnetized lid (over-piece) which covers the heating chamber and dual touch sensors for instantaneous usage. To immediately get started, you'll want to charge the unit first. It typically takes about forty five minutes to achieve a full charge utilizing the charger station, but if you are in a rush, you expect 80% battery life at the twenty minute mark. This short charge time makes the FireFly 2+ a must-have for frequent users.

Once your FireFly 2+ is all powered up, go ahead and remove the magnetic frontal piece and load your glass bowl (oven). A good starting dose is 0.2 grams of medium to finely ground dry herb. Next place the lid back on, and power on the unit by simply holding down the touch sensors located on the sides of the device. The FireFly 2+ has one of the fastest heat times ever seen so your herb will be ready in three seconds. During the three second wait, you can take note that the LED display in the center will be green and blinking. The green light turns solid when it's time to inhale. It's recommended that you hold down the sensors for an inhalation time of five to fifteen seconds. The longer the breath hold, the more potently you will feel the effects. Release the sensors when you are finished breathing in: this will terminate heating.

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The summary listed above is your quick start guide to using the FireFly 2+ with loose leaf material. Other suggestions for optimizing your experience with vaping dry herb include stirring the bowl every three to five puffs for an even heating, and taking slow, deep breaths for heavier rips. If you plan on using your FireFly 2+ with concentrates to start, the directions vary only slightly. You'll be doing things primarily the same, but you'll need to insert the stainless steel extract pad into the bowl and ensure it's firmly in place. The recommended dosage for concentrates is usually about half a pea-size to begin with, as extracts tend to be more powerful. From there, follow the same instructions that we provided for dry herb to enjoy a session.