Quick Guide to Pipes & Bongs - Maintenance and Management

Quick Guide to Pipes & Bongs - Maintenance and Management

Posted by David Nadel on 8th Jul 2019

For those out there who may not be accustomed yet to using a pipe or a bong, the very thought or sight of the object may seem confusing. When it comes right down to it, it really isn’t! There are generally only a few parts to it and once you understand how the object functions you will be able to use and maintain it with ease.

Real “Bongtastic” Benefits

The benefits of the pipe or bong are that it allows you to get the most out of whatever it is you are smoking, while at the same time not having to worry about anything to dispose of besides the ashes of what is put in. 

In the instance of a water bong, most times you don’t even have to worry about the ashes since they usually disintegrate down into the water allowing you to just dump out the water itself. It is also much healthier because the smoke travels through the water before it is inhaled, filtering out some of the stuff you do not want to inhale on a regular basis while also making the hit much cooler and smooth.

Bongs in particular, are often made out of several materials, the most common are usually glass because they are the easiest to keep clean and maintain. The only downside to a glass bong is the fact that they are very easily broken no matter how well they are made. It’s just a fact of nature! There are also several parts that make up the bong, one of the most important being the stem. The stem connects the bowl and/or slider piece to the chamber where the water sits. Without this piece, it basically renders the device useless.

Keep It Clean

Keeping the stem clean and unclogged is of the utmost importance because not only is it unhealthy to inhale any of the residue clogged in the stem, the gunk can also and block and even diminish the effectiveness of smoking your product due to not being able to fully pass through the chamber. However, some bongs or pipes may not have a removable stem but instead, it is molded to the chamber itself. While this does make it a little more difficult to clean, the benefit is that you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Fear not though, there are many tools and kits out there for keeping your bong or pipe clean and residue free!