Quartz, Titanium, or Ceramic Wax Atomizer for your Dab Pen?

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 7th Jun 2021

As the designs of the portable vaporizersavailable on the market evolve from the basic originals, so do the technological features. With the improvements in the functions steadily upgrading, that raises a question for many vaping enthusiasts. What is the wax vape pen atomizer coil type for getting the best performance, quality, and reward from your vaporizer?

Which key elements define what is best? Is it a personal preference? Is it the product type? Is it the chamber design or the materials from which it is made? Or perhaps, most importantly, should it be referenced along with the type of vaping product that you are using? How do you decide? That is the conundrum we are aspiring to resolve with an absolute finality that will expel every question and the doubts that encumber your vaping experience.

The mere nature of vaping generates the importance of the atomizer type in relation to the performance of your device. The coil sets the precedence for the delivery of your enjoyment. The atomizer also set the rules for the vapor quality you will receive from your vaporizer and the vaping product that you use.

Of course the product and vaping style that you are using does dictate the type of coil. But, beyond that, we are concentrating on the material that it is made from. To refine that statement, it is well understood that a wax concentrate requires a nail as opposed to the traditional insert. The difference in materials is heating time, durability, and vaping sustainability. Certain materials are better to travel with than others because they are harder to break. On the other hand, others heat faster and or hold heat longer. With that being said, the answer is yes, by all means, it does matter which material you choose for certain instances.

What is a Vaporizer Atomizer?

The first step in determining which is the best material to use is by understanding exactly what a vape atomizer is and does. Learning how to use it correctly is the best way to efficiently use a dab pen. On that note we are going to take this as the opportunity to educate you as we have ourselves.

The coils in appearance is generally a very simplistically designed component. The inner wire is usually made of stainless steel that is coated either in quartz or ceramic. Or the alternative can be titanium. This type is made solidly from titanium--which is a metal, therefore a natural conductor. The inner wire or wire itself is wound into a spherical shape and at first look it will resemble a corkscrew.

In Traditional Units:

The coils main function is to carry the electricity from the battery that is needed to power your unit’s heating element. Carrying along further with that thought in essence is the coil that regulates the amount of heat that the unit generates by determining the ohm’s that are delivered and the rate in which they are received. In summary, the coils are the main component that determines how your device heats, the vaping efficiency in which your product is consumed, and it regulates the vapor production that device remits.

As a standard, you would only worry about an alternate coil version if you were modifying your device to get more vapor density and or delivery. In this case you would concentrate on size more than material.

Where Material Selection Applies:

Without question, the process of dabbing is going to require the greatest amount of focus towards the type of atomizer material you select. That is because the type of coil or nail that you choose directly determines the consumption rate and the production levels that you will attain during your vaping experience. The material that the dab nail is made of will ultimately determine the quality of the taste your dabbing product remits and the rate of the consumption it is consumed at. Cleaning your atomizer is recommended to keep the taste and flavor at par. Not much work is required to maintain it.

Dabbing products are super concentrated blends and compared to their oil concentrate and dry herb alternatives, dabbing can accumulate a substantial financial toll on your budget. That is why choosing the correct formula is imperative. The dab nail material works in conjunction with the quality of the dabbing material you choose. We have already mentioned that you will have a choice of three different types; ceramic, quartz, or titanium.

You will be able to better determine exactly which type suits your dabbing style next by reading the descriptions that follow.

Discovering the Different Wax Atomizers:


The titanium nails seems to rate a higher preference rate over its cousin's. That preference rate is based on the durability of this type material. The titanium nail can better withstand the trials and abuse that your equipment will encounter during transport when you are on the go.


Quartz is noted as a great material because of its abilities. Quartz will reach a very high temperature in record time compared to the alternate versions commonly used. Capers that use quartz posses the bragging rights of a ten second window until they are fully prepared to indulge. Not only is the quartz given accolades for its heating abilities it is also preferred for its gift of flavor preservation.

The downside to the quartz is that although it heats rapidly, it doesn't retain those high temperatures long. That means you will have to reheat often. The quartz is not as durable as its cousin's therefore it requires delicate handling in reference to its fragility.


Researching the ceramic nail we find a specimen that is true workhorse in the dabbing genre of vaporizing. You are guaranteed flavor preservation from any high grade of ceramic nail because it is the same material used for industrial food processing and manufactures. Ceramic has an unprecedented ability to retain heat for an extensive period but it also takes longer to heat than its alternative sources of nail materials. Beyond that, it is also a less regulated heating source than the quartz or the titanium. With that being established, be warned that too much heat, too fast can cause a heat fissure in the ceramic nail and that in itself will interfere with the heat delivery applied to your dab product during your session.


In essence to summarize all of this for you, most wax vaporizer pens come with one designated type of coil so that merits merely going with the flow. If you choose a mod box as your favorite device, then the size or ohm’s will be your main focus. It is the dabbing e-nail that really requires the main attention to the type of materials you select as your preference for the nail you use.