Portable Butane Herbal Vaporizers - A New Fuel Source

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 7th Jun 2021

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Butane vaporizers come a dime a dozen but very few are worth it. Most of them are portable herbal vaporizers making them easy to take around with you. It is extremely easy to use and start the process. First get a can of butane which you might have to do some homework on to see which is the best. They are usually all the same. Next, fill up your butane portable vaporizer with just enough butane. Let it sit for about 20 seconds then light it up. Depending on your vaporizer, you might have one that clicks to turn it on like a grill lighter or you might have a simple vape like the Iolite.

Are Butane Vaporizer Safe to Use?

This depends on the specific vaporizer itself. Some vaporizers have the butane disappear or evaporate due to heat before it gets to your mouth. Others might give off just an odor but that does not mean it is dysfunctioning. Always be careful from dropping the vaporizer to avoid any impact on the butane, causing increased heat.

Click n Vape Torch Butane Vaporizer

Our favorite, the click n vape torch vaporizer is extremely easy to use. Since butane is exposed to the flame, this quickly helps the butane fumes turn into hydrogen and carbon. The hydrogen evaporates first leaving the oxygen to dissipate the carbon, which won’t be gone with just a regular standard lighter. If the Click n Vape torch isn’t flaming or lit, this will produce fumes or even be because of a leak. The smell you get is from a compound known as mercaptan which is also known as methanethiol. It is harmless but smells very pungent-like gas. It is added to natural gas to make it easier to detect by smell in case there is a leak of it. This gas is made up of carbon, hydrogen, and sulphur.

Why Use Butane When Most Vaporizers are Electrical?

Not many know or realize this but when used right, gas as a source of heat is much cleaner and better. When it comes to taste and health hazard, butane helps the herb vaporize much better. The gas doesn’t mean it will burn at a higher temperature since some vaporizers like the Iolite have a variable temperature setting.

Click N Vape

The click n vape is one of the most known for it being such an affordable and portable butane vaporizer. So small it is easily able to fit into your pocket or purse without being detected. With it looking discreet, no one will even ask what that is. It has a nice half inch diameter for the dry herb chamber so you can pack it down with the amount of herb needed. The best part about the torch flame vaporizer is that even in the wind you can stop to take a nice puff off your vaporizer. This makes outdoor recreational activities a piece of cake with no hassle. The mouthpiece is also comfort fitted to slide onto your lips. The carbon mesh filter is also an innovative way to keep your vaporizer from clogging. One use of this dry herb butane vaporizer and you will sure realize what you have been missing out on.

Vaporizer Pipes

Click n Vapes along with Vapor Genie Pipes can be consider vaporizer pipes. Everyone has a different preference in using handheld portable vaporizers. Some like to use butane while others like to use electronic vaporizers. Vaporizer pipes can make it easier for those who don't necessarily vape often or are beginners. There is a little learning curve on regular dry herbal vaporizers especially when they have bells and whistles like variable temperature settings or have multiple chambers.