Paying with Cryptocurrency for all Vaporizer and Accessories Purchases

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 8th Jun 2021

When bitcoins first came out, they were not as popular as they are today. Not many people trusted bitcoins just like the consumers did not trust putting their credit card information into the internet when it first came out. As time went by, people gained trust in it, realizing there wasn’t that much to fear, especially that millions of people a day were purchasing items using the internet. Today we are focusing on buying vaporizers with bitcoins. We have seen a huge trend recently with this that we never experienced before.

What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is an open source peer to peer payment network, and kind of new money called cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure all transactions. It a network ran collectively by bitcoin holders who then use bitcoin to purchase what they want, from where allows bitcoins. Bitcoins go up and down in value every day and are also traded on the New York Stock Exchange through various companies. Just like gold, a bitcoin can go up or down in price which is why bitcoins can be a great investment if the time is right.

Vaporizers and Bitcoins

One good thing with cryptocurrency or even bitcoins is that they are a decentralized currency which means no one owns it. Not the United States government or even Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin. This also helps keep bitcoin users anonymous. When you send a payment using bitcoin, you will stay anonymous with no way of tracing back to the user who sent the bitcoins. There are a total of 21 million bitcoins, which does not sound a lot but multiply that by the current value of bitcoin now at $228 (September 3, 2015) and you get $4.7billion bitcoins in circulation all over the world. It has since jumped up and is hovering around the $900 range (January 18, 2017).

How do you get Bitcoins?

Bitcoins can be acquired through a couple different ways. First you will need to get a bitcoin wallet where you store all your bitcoins in. Some wallets will let you convert bitcoins to USD or your local government’s currency and cash out. With that wallet you can choose to purchase as much bitcoin as you want. Satoshi is the smallest unit you can get in bitcoins block chain, it is one hundred millionth of a bitcoin, 0.00000001 BTC.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is the primary way to get bitcoins. When you get bitcoins and spend it, then the market starts working the way it should be, and everyone gets their fair share. Mining refers to your computer solving specific math problems then get issued a certain number of coins. The math problems difficulty gets harder as more people are solving math problems faster.

Buy Vaporizers with Bitcoins

Some of you are probably wondering, well what does this have to do with me? Others are probably thinking, well it is about time Haze Vaporizers jumps on bitcoins, which we did! Buying with bitcoin will help you when it comes to staying anonymous, since vaporizers are sometimes a sensitive and discreet subject.

All items on our website from vaporizers to vaporizer accessories are able to be paid using credit/debit card and bitcoins. Either one is extremely easy and will be available for you once you choose your item, add it to cart then go to the check out page.

No Need for Bitcoin Coupons

It has never been easier or more rewarding to be able to buy vaporizers with bitcoins. At Haze Vaporizers we have just implemented a new way to help out users using bitcoins. All payments made through bitcoin will automatically get you 10% off your full purchase. So add any item to your cart then go to check out. When you scroll down to pay with bitcoin it will say -10% next to the Bitcoin payment. Click on that and proceed to pay for your item like you would using your bitcoin wallet.