Moving Herbs from Your Vaporizer Chamber to a Pipe – Should You Actually Do That?

Moving Herbs from Your Vaporizer Chamber to a Pipe – Should You Actually Do That?

Posted by David Nadel on 7th Mar 2020

It’s not uncommon for us to want to transport our herb from one device to another from time to time. Sometimes, even the best devices on the market can temporarily fail us, and so we have to move the herb to another device in order to continue enjoying our session.

But what happens when you move your herb from a vaporizer chamber to a good old-fashioned pipe? Today, we’ll be talking about whether or not it’s okay to do this, and what to keep in mind if you feel inclined to do so.

The Answer: Probably

The good news is that in most cases, it’s perfectly fine to move your herb from your vape device to your traditional pipe. At the very least, nothing catastrophic will happen, like your herb suddenly becoming dangerous to inhale, or your pipe exploding.

What to Consider

Now, let’s talk about the factors that determine whether or not you should actually switch your herb to your pipe.

Factor #1: How Much You’ve Already Vaporized the Herb

Bear in mind that if you’ve been vaping the same herb for a while, you might have gotten most of the compounds out of the plant material already, which means that once you switch it to a pipe, it doesn’t really have much to offer you. Fresh herb is more likely to be worth moving to a new device.

Factor #2: Temperature at Which Your Herb Was Getting Vaped

If you were vaping your herb at a super high temperature, you may have burned away some of those compounds that you’re specifically seeking out. If you accidentally put the output setting too high, and that’s why you want to move the herb to a standard pipe, consider the fact that the herb has actually been damaged and is no longer worth consuming.

Factor #3: How Long the Herb Has Been Sitting in Your Vaporizer Chamber

If you’ve had some herb sitting in a vaping device for months, it may not be “good” anymore, meaning that it may have dramatically lost its potency. Again, fresh herb is always the way to go.

Factor #4: Flavor of the Herb

If you wish to switch to a standard pipe because the flavor of your herb is off, it may be the herb and not the vaporizer. This could indicate that the herb was damaged by the vaporizer device due to a technological error or improper output settings.

Overall, Transporting Your Herb Between Devices is Usually Fine

As long as the herb itself is in good shape. Use this guide to know whether or not it’s okay to do so. Otherwise, you may end up with a disappointing experience.